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February 25 , 2024
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Xerox - Freestyle - exploring intelligent electronic dance-floor music

 ( HOMmega ,  Sep. 1999 )

1. Maskalin- Oriental Funk 7:32 140bpm 2. Xerox- Tune In 7:30 145bpm 3. Xerox & Freeman vs. Liquid Metal- Jungle Fever (Tung) 7:56 147bpm3 4. Xerox & Sandman- Bug 2000 7:43 145bpm 5. Xerox & PsySex- Highly Classified Project 6:40 135bpm 6. Xerox & Passenger- Science is God 7:47 142bpm 7. Xerox- Blast That Rock 7:30 143bpm 8. Mascok- Mascok 8:10 149bpm 9. Xerox- Gravity Waves (Infected rmx) 7:55 147bpm

Xerox (Moshe Kenan), has put a lot of time and hard work, teamed up with some of the best Israeli trance artists around to deliver us a very diverse, interesting and refreshing collection of tunes. This creation definitely keeps up with expectations left by Human Race, his first album (together with Freeman), a CD that burned a mark on the skin of Israeli trance and world trance.

The CD starts with Oriental Funk, another team up between Moshe and Itzik Benisti (this duo created a lot of classic tracks, among them: Alien Funk, Electric Energy, and Tourists from the Future). This time they deliver a real funky track with a lot of brain scratching sounds and a great soft caressing melody. A thick atmosphere here and altogether the track is a great opener for this journey (it will also appear on the new upcoming TIPworld compilation). Tune In (T2) is a very repetitive track, a lot of housy hi-hats, strong and relentless. No mercy here! Trance all the way (This one will soon find its way to the new Deck Wizard compilation that will be compiled by DJ Dede from MDMA).

Then comes a classic team up of Moshe, Doron (Freeman) and Roman Reznik (Liquid Metal), Jungle Fever (Tung) (T3). As the name suggests, this one starts very very tribal with great tribal drumming, Tung Tung, and a crazy laughter. This tribal intro goes on for more than two minutes, and then the flying snakes starts roaming around you, weird laughing, spooky melodies, and a lot of other crazy sampled stuff- it's a jungle out there! Off course you'll get one of these ultimate build-ups. This is a real good track and the sampling work is superb, but I was expecting for more from this team up, I must admit. Bug 2000 (T4) brings together Moshe and Itzik Levi. This is an interesting combination of Xerox's full on style and Sandman's electro-psychedelic heavy weird games. The track is exactly that, moving back and forth between minimalistic elecro-sound-games to full on entrances. A great night track.

Then, Moshe and Goblin are slowing us down in Highly Classified Project (T5), sending us back to the past, great sampling, beautiful melodies, funky and almost jazzy elements, everything neatly in place. The end of this track will just make you smile till your jaws hurt. A classic one for chilled morning moments. A full on mix for this one would be a killer.

Teaming up with Guy Zukrel (Passenger, MFG), Moshe brings us Science is God (T6). Starting with a one minute intro of housy melody surrounded with MFG-like sounds, then comes the relentless beating base line, repetitive, but slowly evolving with a lot of hi-hats, melodies and more and more booming effects. The track takes a turn in the middle, becoming a bit more mysterious and in the same time energetic, only to return with that same housy melody, followed by an uplifting anthemic melodic entrance. A powerful full on morning Goa, though I must say that there is nothing new and amazing here.

Blast That Rock (T7), a solo work of Xerox, is my favorite here, minimalistic in a way but with a very strong melodic line, almost club trance, great sampling work- grinding and relentless, yet melodic and optimistic. Just beautiful!!!

Mascok (T8), a cooperation between Moshe and Dedi Cohen from P.Cok. This is not their first time working together, they also gave us Extra Hard Sounds on Human Race. This track was already released, and opened up ISRAliens, Hommega's killer compilation. Although this is the fastest track here, it still gives a bit of a relaxed atmosphere around, not full on, just crawling all around you. I love the great bass work in the end of the track.

Ending the CD is a remix by Infected Mushroom to the classic Gravity Waves, this is an Infected track, and not much is left of the original, just that great guitar line that drove people crazy in so many parties and now it is doing it again. This is a typical Infected Mushroom work- deep, psychedelic, crazy, twisted, and ever surprising. I would do something else with that "ah yeho woho" vocal, maybe distort it or something. Anyway this is a deserving finish for this CD.

Recomendation:  Diverse and interesting, good for parties and listening at home, the tracks nicely woven together with a real album atmosphere. An interesting journey with Xerox and his friends, I would recommend joining in.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 3, 5, 7(!), 8, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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