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February 24 , 2024
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Miko - X-Wave

 ( Phonokol ,  Jul. 2002 )

1. California Sunshine- One Step Up 142bpm 7:18 2. California Sunshine- Going Down 142bpm 7:43 3. X-Wave & Skazi- Iím Stack 145bpm 6:51 4. California Sunshine- New Underground 145 bpm 7:17 5. California Sunshine- Mood 145bpm 7:32 6. California Sunshine- Play for Today 145bpm 7:46 7. X-Wave & Safi Connection- X.D 145bpm 7:17 8. X-Wave & Safi Connection- Stop D Violence 145bpm 7:38 9. X-Wave & GMS- Have Some 145bpm 7:09 10. Dynamic- Super Sonic 145bpm 7:40

The CD, which is basically DJ Miko & friends, starts with an amazing track by California Sunshine that brings back memories from the past, this is the evolution of Goa music people, this is how Israeli full on music should sound like. One Step Up is simply an amazing morning tune. The second track is very very average, nothing interesting in it and it becomes really repetitive at a point. X-Wave (DJ Miko of California Sunshine) And Skazi are a very interesting collaboration indeed and their track I'm Stack (T3) is a typical full on Skazi one that can do miracles on the dancefloor, nothing innovative here but people like this kind of music when they are high. Nice try in general lines. New Underground (T4) is another average track with nothing noticeable in it, skip this one fast. The same applies for the next track named Mood. The next California Sunshine track (T6) has just a nice melody in the end and nothing more than that, it seems that their only good track in this CD was the one that was used for the opening. Track 7 is produced by X-Wave and Safi Connection and is a really nice morning track with some clever used funny vocal samples and good melodies. One of the best tracks here. Stop D Violence is by the same team,nice full on track that will make the people dance but it could be even better. GMS are the only non Israeli artists that appear in this compilation and they produced Have Some (T9) along with X-Wave, typical GMS style here, fast hard and stomping. Last but not least Dynamic make their debut appearance on this compilation with Super Sonic, this is a very nice track, the best I have since I heard from Dynamic, it sounds a little bit like GMS but it is a real hit on the dancefloor, this is the second best track in here.

Recomendation:  X-Wave is a nice compilation with two really really good tunes which accidentally happen to be the first and the last tracks. 3, 7 and 8 are also very nice but to be honest I expected something more from California Sunshine. Good production quality and some big name appearences on this one. Buy it and judge for yourself, you wonít regret it for sure.

Review by : Detox

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