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December 11 , 2018
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Mythos Productions 2004 - Compiled by Chemical Drive

 ( Spliff Music ,  Nov. 2004 )

1. Beat Hackers & Michele Adamson - Mental Weather 2. Lemurians - Dance Porter 3. Atomic Pulse - Reverse Side 4. Liquid Phase - Accepable 5. Ibojima - Apollo Project 6. B-Tone - Party 7. Safi Connection & Melicia - Warning You (40% Remix) 8. Chemical Drive - Experience 9. Reflex - Arrp Foot 10. Airona - Genetic Superstar

Mythos Productions is a Swiss party organization, and this CD seems like it is meant to promote them. Ronen Sahar, a.k.a. Chemical Drive compiled this release of ten tracks.

Starting the party is a joint collaboration of Beat Hackers & Michele Adamson (T1). This track is by all means awful, Michele's voice is used in the worst possible way, and Beat Hackers' style doesn't help. After skipping the track we advance to track number two - Dance Porter (T2) by Lemurians which is the total opposite to the first one. This track is very good - moving, psychedelic, and very interesting. The third part of the party - Atomic Pulse - Reverse Side (T3) sounds like a typical Atomic Pulse track. Nothing innovative here, but then - no one expects them to reinvent the wheel. Liquid Phase with Accepable (T4) comes next. This one's an array of bizarre sounds flying all over around you. Could be nice, but the low level of production ruins it. Track five is Ibojima - Apollo Project (T5). Sounds like something between Astral Projection and old Astrix. Sound production is again, not best, and the structure could use some work - but the music is very interesting and refreshing, even though I've heard it countless times before. B-Tone is a side project of Mishel Safi Bitton. The track's name is, how surprising, Party (T6). This is quite a groovy, but still sounds a lot like Safi Connection. 40% remixes Warning You (T7) for the 7th slot in this party. It is a very good track, very happy and sure something to put a smile on your face. Chemical Drive also compiled himself into this compilation (T8) - and it's not bad at all. One of my favorites here, this track has a very positive vibe. Getting close to the end and Arrp Foot (T9) is the name of the current track. Reflex delivers a nice and airy track, which is again ruined by the sound quality. Closing the compilation is Airona - Genetic Superstar (T10). This is one of the best here - very good track, innovative ideas and great flow.

Recomendation:  Overall not bad. Some very good tracks, while others are not as good. One thing which bothers me is the overall low sound quality level. I don't know if it's the mix of the tracks or the mastering - but Spliff Music has to take care of it in their future releases.

Favorite tracks:2(!), 5, 7, 8, 10(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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