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April 21 , 2024
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Oforia - Off the Ground

 ( NMC ,  Oct. 1999 )

1. Bionic Dog 2. Raw 3. The Morning Song 4. Aquatech 5. Visionary Existence 6. E-Motion 7. Van Alien 8. New Frontier 9. Voice of Delusion

Some new raw metallic sounds from the master of fullpower intensive trance, Ofer Dikovski, but with a surprise. We've been waiting a long time for a new Oforia album- and here it is. Much more a sequel to Oforia's first album, Delirious, than to Ofer's last project- Pigs in Space, this CD deliver the goods. It has a real album feel to it, takes you travelling through the different realms of psy electronica, with old familiar Ofer sounds, but also with a lot of new ones. It is mixed with nice psychedelic intervals between the tracks, which separate them, while still keeping them together. As with Pigs in Space, Ofer gives us a real product here with a beautiful digipack and a booklet full of amazing artwork by Erez Gueta, who also did the amazing artwork to Pigs in Space.

Opening this CD is Bionic Dog (T1), unlike most of this CD, it feels very much like a part of the Pigs in Space CD. A lot of funky metallic sounds, psychedelic sound games flying all over. A nice opener, and a smooth entrance to Ofer's new creation. Follows Raw (T2), one of my favorites here. It just guides you around somewhere in psyspace for four and a half minutes and then, a beautiful twist and the build up hits you hard, dragging you up and crashing you down, only to send you boogying in that big psyspace out there again- beautiful!

The Morning Song (T3), is Ofer's interpretation to Grieg's famous composition, it is a morning song and it sounds just great. My classical music educated sister just loved it. This thing can be great to end your morning set, so optimistic! It can also fit in any club trance compilation, though it's way more complex than your average club trance tune.

Aquatech (T4) belongs to the psychedelic night section. It has already been released (ISRaliens, The Pigs in Space Oforia EP), and a remix of this track is also out there (Psychotropic/3D Vision). It starts in mystery with weird noises and it is a real fun track, very jumpy and groovy with a lot of mysterious sounds. It's a bit relaxed, but has it's own mysterious psychedelic drive. Then comes Visionary Existence (T5), that reminds me of Tandu times with the jumping sounds. It is groovy and funky, and I just love that beautiful atmospheric jazzy guitar line. Ofer shows us again that he can do more than just storm us to exhaustion.
E-Motion (T6) is psychedelic and crunchy, not very much to my liking, I must say. Van Alien (T7) is just beautiful- refreshing sounds and hypnotic groove, robotic and metallic yet very much alive. You also have here that grinding line, it is so familiarů but where from? Very like Maximizer (from Delirious), but not exactly the same.

Now it's time to relax- New Frontier (T8) is a very tranquilized piece of ambient/freestyle stuff, with a lot of beautiful melodies and percussion. Nine and a half minutes of a great chillout creation. From here you just slide beautifully to the ending track, Voice of Delusion, a great soft ambient track, starting on the verge of dream music- just let your mind float out of this mind expanding 72 minutes of electronic bliss.

Recomendation:  Ofer hands us here a more diverse creation, sign of the time I guess. This is not explosive full power anymore. It's not really something new, it's nothing extreme, but it's groovy and funky, with great sounds and production, beautiful music and most important- fun to listen to. Hey- just get it!

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3(!), 5, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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