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February 24 , 2024
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Passenger - For All Mankind

 ( Phonokol ,  Jul. 1999 )

1. Reborn (MFG remix) 7:45 2. Hit and Run 6:57 3. Sundance 9:08 4. Tempo 7:27 5. Mankind 7:03 6. XStar 8:17 7. Reflection 8:05 8. Uplifting 7:50 9. Optimist 7:22

A debut CD from Guy Zukrel, half of MFG (no, they are not breaking up, just that Aharon Segal, the other half, had a busy life and took a little break- actually they are going into a real massive studio to produce a new track soon. A track that will show all what these guys are really capable of). Guy released some stuff before (Israel Psychedelic Trance vol. 2, Cosmic Communication, ISRaliens, Full On 3), but unlike most of the stuff he released so far, that was heavier and tougher, this one is going back to old MFG times but just faster and harder. This is a very strong, uplifting, full on party stuff- some will grind you, some will fly you to space, and some will bring tears to your eyes- all will have you dancing like a madman.

The CD starts with Reborn, the only track here with Aharon Segal, the other half of MFG, and what a start- booms to your head immediately! Beautiful sounds and buildup. Then, Hit and Run (T2), continues the powerful welcoming- hits you and makes you run around, a great marching track with a winning melody- no mercy!
Sundance (T3), has already did the work in parties, Guy believes this is the hit of this CD. A very emotional track, with Ďold MFGí sounds and atmosphere. No doubt this is a killer track, but I prefer the first two. Tempo (T4) is a game of tempos, a fierce Ďend of the nightí track, very intensive and relentless. Then comes Mankind (T5), another strong night track. This is the grinding stuff, goes more with the style and sounds of MFGís Project Genesis. Xstar (T6), still continues with that style and sounds, a more happy track with mysterious atmosphere, and strong pounding beats.

Reflection (T7) is my least favorite here, it does mellows things down a bit and itís very melodic and ends with a larger than life melodic explosion. Uplifting (T8), is one of my favorites here. I love the way this track is built, and I love those creeping sounds and melodies. Great buildups, beautiful chilled spaces followed by a wall of exploding sounds- just great! This track sends shivers through my body every time I listen to it- and Iíve done that a lot! The CD ends with Optimist, a more relaxed hypnotic groovy track- nice one.

Recomendation:  Almost every track here is a potential party hit- if you are a DJ- just get it! This is a great full power CD. I must say though, that for listening at home/car at one piece this CD is just a little too full on- or maybe itís just me getting old. Donít get me wrong- every trance lover should have this, I love almost every track here and I really enjoy this CD, I just find myself breaking it in half.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3, 5, 8(!).

Review by : Shahar

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