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February 25 , 2024
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Full On vol. 3 - Audio XTZ

 ( HOMmega ,  May. 1999 )

1. Xerox & Freeman- Amazon 7:49 2. Children of the Doc- Police 106 (Goblin rmx) 8:24 3. Magic Mushroom- One Absolute 8:47 4. Power Course- Open Mind 7:51 5. Passenger- Electric Opera 7:17 6. Luminus- Total Consciousness 8:15 7. Yahel feat. K.- La Esperanza 8:01 8. Nuclear Ramjet- La Chevaucheíe Fantastique 7:53 9. Cybel- Trippy 7:11

Here comes the third in the Full On series, and it keeps up with the tradition. Nine full on, full power tracks, mostly Israeli, with Hommegaís Israeli-European sound.
The compilation starts with X&Fís Amazon, nice jungle samples all along, but apart from that no surprises here- same driving sounds and the inevitable powerful buildup (two of these here)- it will work in a party off course. Then comes a mix of Children of the Docís Police 106 (T2)- I thought the original (Trance Mix 9) was their weakest track released, and I must say the remix is much better, but still nothing special, especially when comparing to the amazing stuff Goblin has on ISRaliens. After that we have an Israeli-European cooperation between Erez Eizen (Infected Mushroom) and DJ Lestat (Talamasca), a strong dark night track, you can easily identify Erezís funky sound here and it blends well with the French melodies- nice one.

Power Course is Nati Bit (half of Power Source) with the typical Power Source semi-housy sounds, very happy, uplifting track- and you canít escape the resemblance to ?- this track just reminds me something and I canít put my finger on it. Elelctric Opera (T5) from Passenger (Guy Zurkel, half of MFG) is a bit of a disappointment to me, it just doesnít do anything for me.

After track 5 things start to get intense (and melodic), and I definitely like the second part of this CD better. Luminus track is the surprise of this compilation, melodic, yet psychedelic with beautiful sounds and simply very powerful- a great psychedelic morning track. I love that electric whipping sound all along the track.

La Esperanza (T7) by Yahel Sherman & Kobi Aflalo bring us more new talents, nice track, simple, grinding and powerful- there is a promise for the future here.

La Chevaucheíe Fantastique (T8), the only non-Israeli here, coming from Canada, but sounds so Israeli, great evolved and diverse melodic work- I think Iíve been missing that a little bit- beautiful track, these guys have an album out- Age of Aquarius, and Iím gonna get it. The most emotional track I heard for a long time- one of my favorites here.

Trippy (T9) by Cybel is trippy, a slow deep psychedelic night track that sounds very special and new. But this is not the end, after 10 seconds of silence you get another 3 chilling minutes by Moshe Kenan & Itzik Benisti, itís not on the cover (Iíve got inside information), and it doesnít really have a name, but itís a really nice piece that mellows you out melodically.

Recomendation:  All the tracks here are perfect for a party and will do their job- I personally feel that the beginning of this CD is kinda lost, but it find itself again in track 6, and from then on, itís a full on melodic celebration. This is still a very good CD, with beautiful tracks, but personally I prefer Hommegaís other recent release- ISRaliens.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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