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February 25 , 2024
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Power Source - Cosmic Waves

 ( Melodia ,  Jan. 1999 )

1. Skywalker 8:58 2. Vorlan 9:41 3. Memory Bubbles 9:31 4. Orient Express 9:16 5. The X-Train 7:40 6. Zahadoom 8:58 7. Hyperspace 8:36 8. Granada (Remix-98) 8:58

After they have been spreading tracks all over for a long time now (Distance to Goa 2&3, Goa-Head 1, Pulse 2, A Taste of Transient, Infinity Hz (Matsuri), The Mind of Goa, Sun Trip 2, A Taste of Trust in Trance, Goa Vibes 3, Trance Mixim and more), Power Source are finally releasing their first complete CD. It was worth the wait. This is dancing music, the pure Goa way!

"It's the music of earth, the music of the sun and the stars, the music of yourself"- Skywalker starts with that, accompanied with electronic drops dripping all over the place, very energetic and lively. Great melodic entrances, beautiful classic Israeli Goa work- especially I like the singing chorus entrance in the end of the track. All along the track you can still hear those drops in the background.

Vorlan, track 2, has a nice oriental melody but doesn't really build up to anything. The track is too long- sometimes things sound nice when you say them shortly but lose it when you go about it too long. Track 3, Memory Bubbles, is more relaxed, very atmospheric, with very nostalgic sounds. Orient Express is an oriental piece- we get a lot of oriental stuff lately, but unlike most of it, this is quality stuff. You have here some beautiful drumming, great sampling of oriental instruments and singing and off course oriental melodies all over. There are some nice buildups all along the track. A sure hit in parties.

After track 4 vacation is over, you get into a series of 3 killer tracks, the energy here is impossible to resist and I found myself jumping every time. Track 5, The X-Train is going to do to trains what X-Dream's Frog has done to frogs- they're never gonna be the same again for trancers. Now, not only every time a trancer will hear a frog he will start dancing, also each time a trancer will hear a nice choo-choo train he will start jumping around. At least it's gonna be easy for us to recognize each other. Really cool track with great sampling and a beautiful imaging of a train into the music, not to forget the fact this is a killer track for dancing- a real marching track.

Track 6, Zahadum (someone's been watching Babylon 5!), is very powerful- full on stuff! a bit darkish as one would expect from the name, also the most psychedelic track on the CD. I love the drums here and those psycho scratching sounds, and there is an entrance here that is one of the most powerful ones I've heard in a long time- the track gradually quiets down and then comes back blowing all over the place. The end of the track has some housey feel to it but that's only adds to surprise. Great track!

Hyperspace is another full on powerful track that just continues Zahadum in a beautiful way, not letting you rest a bit. As the rest of this CD the tracks are beautifully woven together one into the other. Very powerful track with a great sampling of that "Walk Away!!!". Track 8, Granada (Remix- 98), starts nice but loses the energy somewhere on the way, very California Sunshine like melodies. It's a nice track to end the CD and much more in place here then in Trance Mix 9.

Recomendation:  This is first Melodia artist's CD, and they knew what they were doing- a great CD. Two of the tracks here had already been released on Trance Mix 9, but to me they are the weakest in this CD, so it was a great surprise to hear the rest. This is pure energy, and for all of you who have been collecting Power Source tracks from all those compilations- here is the real thing- just grab it! Pure energy!

Favorite tracks:1, 5, 6(!), 7(!).

Review by : Shahar

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