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June 19 , 2024
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Trance Mixim

 ( Melodia ,  1998 )

1. MG-3 - Morning Glory 6:42 2. Yan-iv Haviv- Vision of Nature 6:42 3. Har-el Prussky/Yan-iv Haviv -Something wrong in dreaming 6:54 4. Art Indust- This is news of Trance 6:34 5. Yan-iv Haviv- Power Flower 6:48 6. Yan-iv Haviv- Unusual Experience 8:38 7. Witchcraft- Eastern Rain 8:04 8. Power Source- The Calling 8:13 9. Har-El Prussky- Circle of Light 8:48

This is a new CD of old stuff. Melodia write the following in their promo for the CD: "These tracks are full of infinite melodies that brings us back to the stages where there has been close contact between the artists and their wide audience that kept searching for the harmony and melody in advanced music."- I guess I'll just have to second that. All the tracks here have been collected from the Trance Mix series, mainly from the old CDs, and they are all from the years 1993-1994. The tracks were made by some of the fathers of Israeli trance and besides being great uplifting melodic tunes they can show you the origins of trance. The compilation starts with Morning Glory, MG-3 track, a classic morning track by three of the first trance makers- Edi Mis, Nati Mishali and Her-el Prussky. Very monotonic, grabs you into it, today it may sound a bit simplistic, but those where the days- it's still great fun. Later you can find three tracks from Yaniv Haviv (former Astral Projection)- Vision of nature is very groovy and spacey. In track 5, Power Flower, you can hear something of Astral Projection's old sound. Track 6 has the same famous monkey sample that we all know from Chakra's X-file track, I don't know which was the first to use it as they were made at about the same time, I think, not that it really matters. It's a really nice chill track and that crazy monkey is coming and going all along the track.
Track 3 is a cooperation between Yaniv and Har-el Prusski, really nice classic Israeli psy-morning sound, very strong for those days, very driving. The Art Indust's track sounds undeveloped in today's standards (it's from '93) and it is the weakest track in the compilation, just a sample glued to a simple melody. I would leave this one out of here.
The last three tracks in this compilation are beautiful melodic tracks that will just bring tears to your eyes. This is the winning triumvirate, starting with the amazing Witchcraft track- Eastern Rain, it's really amazing to hear this one and know it was made by two of the craziest, most twisted trance makers in Israeli trance today- Itzik Levy (Sandman) and Rami Shapira (Chakra). This track will just make you cry, nothing else to say. After that comes another classic from Power Source- The Calling, also a winning classic Goa melody. The CD ends with Har-el's amazing melodic Circle of Light, a track even my mother would love. This track from '94 shows exactly where California Sunshine's sounds and atmosphere came from- Just beautiful.

Recomendation:  Music that will bring tears to your eyes- did I already say that? If you like Israeli trance, if you like melodic trance, if you wanna know where did it all come from or if you just want to chill buy this!!! I love this CD and it has a place of honor in my stereo. It's a must.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 7(!), 8, 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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