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March 1 , 2021
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Psychedelic Krembo (the best of)

 ( Singale / Krembo ,  May. 1999 )

1. Quirk- Cognitive Dissonant 9.26 2. Oforia- Arcadia 9.38 3. Spiral Active- Ghost Buster 7.20 4. Gorlation Corporation- Bliss 7.46

This EP came out to promote and celebrate the launch of Psychedelic Krembo 4, a series of compilations among which we can find some absolutely classic tracks bunched up with a few obscure ones, that mostly reflect the musical taste of the man in charge (DJ Zoo-B, off course). This CD has four tracks, one from each CD, and is no different.
It starts of with Quirk's Cognitive Dissident, from K1, a brilliant flurry of energy and drama that proves that when he feels like it- Mark Allen gets the job done (or at least could once). This track has proudly stood the test of time, with its head banging beat, rapid melodic changes and an overall chaotic feel, that keeps rising from build up to build up. Just great.
Oforia's Arcadia from K2 is another survivor. A classic party anthem, very Israeli in feel and groove. Ofer Dikovsky has a unique bigger than life sound and this track demonstrates the massive bass lines and kicks and a characteristic "every note has a place" attitude. The melody is slightly on the eastern side and the groove is pumping. Lots of attention to details in both tune and beat. To make a picture complete, Spiral Active's Ghost Buster from K3 is one of the obscure ones. A dark piece with a bit of an annoying start (tambourine sounds were never my favorites and they keep creeping up at various points of the track), that progresses into an interesting spooky tune which is nice but the groove is lacking and its all too monotonic I'm afraid.
Gorlation Corporation's Bliss from K4, starts of with an aggressive beat build up which makes up the overall mood for the final track. Great beat breaks and melody insurgents throughout the piece, followed by more furious percussion and psycho synth lines make up an exelant ride of a track.

Recomendation:  It's a nice CD, some good stuff, some very good stuff and some stuff (full stop). With only four tracks, its hard to build a theme for what is a compilation of compilations, but it flows well in this case. Certainly worth 19 NIS.

Review by : GuyShanti

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