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March 1 , 2021
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PsySex- Remixed

 ( HOMmega ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. New Wave Hooker (Domestic & Pixel remix) 140bpm 8:58 2. Altered States (X-Noize remix) 144bpm 7:19 3. Come in Peach (Illumination remix) 145bpm 6:45 4. L.S.Dance (PsySex remix) 150bpm 8:27 5. Alien Cop (Eskimo remix) 145bpm 8:38 6. High Times (Nick remix) 142bpm 6:47 7. Bionic Bong (GMS remix) 148bpm 7:21 8. Dirty 80's (Wrecked Machines remix) 145bpm 7:29 9. New Wave Hooker (Violet Vision remix) 140bpm 7:00 10. PsySex & Star-X- Star Sex 145bpm 7:51

Psysex are one of the icons in the trance world. With 3 serious well thought out CD's under their belt and a 4th in the works this dynamic duo has contributed much to the shaping of trance as we know it. This remix cd was something I was looking forward to, I have been trying not to build up too much expectations as that usually leads to disappointment. Let's find out if this is the case here.

We begin with one of my favorite tracks from Psysex, a remix of Pixel and Domestic to 'New Wave Hooker'. After a dramatic intro, the simple base line is clean and crisp; there is a nice arrangement of 'question/answer' with the original samples taken from the movie Airplane 2. The breakdowns and build-ups are exciting and interesting and the flow of this track is pumping. A few added new sounds and an overall good arrangement of the previous ones to a new structure. I particularly like the final electro style breakdown with the changing base at the end, very good idea. Next up come X-Noize with a re-remix of "Altered states" (T2). The production is clean and clear again, the track is smooth and elegant. My only comment is that there is not much change from the original in the sense of new sounds, felt like they were a bit afraid to break the mold. Illumination is one of my favorite artists; his music (especially lately) is driving with a force of a Mack 10 truck. The remix to "Come in Peace" is not falling of that scale. At first I didn't like how the track used the same baseline as the original, but after a few listens I think that its essential since that is pretty much its melody. Amir adds melodic synths and lots of panning tricks to escalate into the sky with this one, a great dance floor track for certain. One of the highlights of my trance history was L.S.Dance (T4) I'm so elated that the boys chose to remix something older and iconic like this. Right of the bat, a wide spectrum sweeping electro pad gives you the 150 BPM feel to the madness that is about to come. Metallic percussions and a gummy base are the foundations. From there we develop into sounds that I can only describe as brain piercing. This dance floor monster is sure to burn a few holes across the world this summer. I like how there is a totally new concept to this one, they didn't get stuck on the old ideas from the original, good work. Alien Cop is another re-remix, this time by wiz kid John Ford. Again, I'm sure this will be a great dance floor track for the summer, but I did not connect to it. I found there are too many breaks and the best parts of the originals were not used. Eskimo's build-ups are even more ridiculous and tension adding, but I get impatient a bit. (T6) by Panick is something I was looking forward to, again like I said before Shahar always says: "expectations are on pillows", or maybe that sounds better in Hebrew… I was a bit let down by this remix to "High Times". I thought the base sounded the same the structure was quite similar and even the breaks were. I know Nick can do much more, I absolutely played his album non-stop for a while, this one falls a bit short from that level. Another highlight of this CD is the GMS re-remix of Bionic Bong (T7). Wow, all I can say is: welcome back to 1997. This track is gives me a total Goa feeling, with new technology. The samples, the lines, the acidity and the high 148 BPM are a delight. The only complaint is the mastering or the mix is a bit distorted at times; the track evolves and morphs with octave changes and story lines of the days of old, a total smasher. Wrecked Machine's re-remix to Dirty 80’s is one of the low points for me here. I like WM's work usually, but I find this version to be a bit lacking in imagination. The execution of the production level is immaculate though, good work on that. The last of the remixes is a down tempo masterpiece by Violet Vision of "New Wave Hooker" again. VV's take on the hooker is nothing short of amazing. It’s really a notch above anything else in richness and production style on this CD. The ideas and the total mania are so affluent, I find myself finding some new details each listen, superb! Last, but certainly not least is a bonus track by Psysex and Star-X. Starsex (T10) is a new direction for certain. In terms of production and concept its brilliant… there is a clever new base and new sounds. The percussion work is intricate and worthy of note. I'm sure in a live Psysex show this track can be a highlight, ranging from an elastic line to tribal Arabic percussions; buildups, breakdowns and pads to deliver so many different parts to one track, without getting too much off topic and being able to wrap it up in the end to a tight package, this is one of my favorite tracks at the moment and a great way to end a CD.

Recomendation:  I came in with high demands and expectations and I was not disappointed. I think it’s a bit of a shame that many of the acts remixed tracks from the last album instead of trying to dig deeper into older ones for gems. Kudos to Psysex and GMS for being brave and remixing those older tracks into new masterpieces. Regarding the artwork and sleeve: good job by Hommega to list the BPM's and I like the comical artwork inside and out, slutty and sexy. I highly recommend this CD to anyone that appreciates good music, anyone with a memory of what trance sounds like, or how pristine production levels should really be in 2005.

Fav Tracks- 1,3,4!,7!,9!,10!

Review by : Gadi Vered.

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