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June 25 , 2019
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Son Kite - Colours

 ( Digital Structures ,  Apr. 2004 )


1. Other Side 9:37 2. Focus 8:58 3. On Air 9:36 4. Game & Watch 8:03 5. Let Us Be 7:38 6. The Stars Within Us 7:43 7. Jukebox 9:48 8. Made to Move 9:06 9. Colours 8:06

Itís not every day that Son Kite release an album. In fact, itís been three years since Perspectives of... This is actually the second out of a series of four releases called Coloursan read all about it, as well as the other things, in their latest interview for Isratrance) . The first was On Air CDS and this album will be followed by a DVD and another single.
In trance music, three years is A LOT of time. During that time the whole trance scene was changed almost completely. Have Son Kite changed along with it? Read on.

Slowly building itself, the first track (Other Side) presents a very open sound, even more than the Son Kite weíre used too. The rhythm flows gently, constantly evolving, with new elements all the time, until it stopsÖ and starts again. The feeling is circuital, yet it isnít boring at all. Smoothly and naturally, moving to the second track (Focus), which is actually a second opener. It seems like this album needs a massive introduction. It combines magical and trippy sounds together with some hard and twisted sounds, presented towards the end. Now we are surely ready for the journey. On Air (T3) was already released the single. I must say the listening experience is a bit different than listening to it as a single track and not as a part of a complete album. Itís an important and inseparable part of the story and the build. The general feeling until now is always climbing upwards, and when you reach up, itís UP, and you feel it. The next track (Games and Watch) is really interesting. Itís actually Son Kiteís version of full on music. Still, itís much less aggressive than most Full On releases today and definitely has the Son Kite touch all over it. A rolling, pumping bassline that almost makes my headphones shake. Games and Watch (T4) could be very powerful, if played at the right time. It truly captures the power that full on can provide. The melodies give me a feeling of tiny, short explosions in my head, and thatís a good thing. Stepping up to the fifth part of the journey, Let Us Be, which gets right into business, a female vocal, a heavy duty bass and a repetitive percussion loop catch the ear right away. After hearing the first four parts, we are well prepared. Gradually, more and more layers are manifested. In my mind, it creates a combination of both this track and other sounds from the previous tracks. It just blends together in harmony. Moving on to the peak of journey- The Stars Within Us (T6). Starting right away with a massive bassline, tightly synced percussion and vocals used correctly and effectively. Personally, this one makes me jump higher and higher every time. From this point on, the aim is downwards. A journey without a proper ending is not a journey at all, and so the ending begins. Jukebox (T7) is very easy to identify. A guy simply says ďDJĒ all the time, and makes you wonder what the hell itís all about. However, when this track is played and you are dancing you would surely not stop and think, you will make it your own special experience and imagine whatever you like. Suffice it to say, that this ďDJĒ sample is not the only original sound on this track. Made to Move (T8) is indeed a huge mover on a more housey accord this time. Plain joy for the feet and the mind. And here we are- Colours (the last track). We hear some familiar sounds, the sounds that started the album. This creates a special circular feeling and arouses the short term memory, makes me think about what Iíve been going trough in the last 78 minutes. I donít know about you but I am certainly not the same person I was 78 minutes ago. Soft, flowing and proper ending.

Recomendation:  As a reviewer, itís usually very hard for me to describe the differences between each track in a particular album, to decide which adjective I should utilize to each of the tracks. This time, however, I had no problem at all- the words just dripped out of my fingers to the keyboard. Each track is distinctive, produced in its on special style, I can almost say each track represents a certain color, although this is not the initial aim. Needless to say that the production, the packaging and the cover are all excellent and well-invested.
Favorites: all!

Review by : Timmy

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