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February 25 , 2024
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UFS - Unidentified Forms of Sound

 ( BNE ,  Oct. 1998 )


1. Infected Mushroom-Montoya 9:32 2. Tripster-Tango Electro (Space Cat remix) 9:11 3. ClockWork-Unearthly Song 8:32 4. Domestic-Genetic Wobble 9:49 5. Paranoize-Monopolys 7:55 6. Infected Mushroom-Devil (Final remix) 10:32 7. Space Cat-Kreak 8:56 8. Infected Mushroom-Elm... 9:24

"Mind the Past... …Learn the Future"

This is the motto on this CD and it quite well describes it. It’s the new Israeli sound but still with respect to the old one. This is how night music should be done! It's hard night music, yet it is still melodic, it is still music, very strong. Infected Mushroom (Erez Eizen from Shidapu & Amit Duvdevani - Duvdev) are strongly represented here with 3 tracks and they are surely living up to expectations. Montoya is a great track, and I was surprised to find that you can take more out of a perfect track as Devil, but they do and do it in an amazing way (there is another version of it on Ptzatzot 2 compilation making it 3 Devils around). The closing track of the compilation is also real good, even better then Montoya. Their album, which is on its way, is something to look for. The ClockWork track is a very fast one, strong bass drum and a nice melody to top it all. The Domestic track is a mind bending psychedelic wall of sound, a bit overloaded for my taste. The Paranoize track is a very strong one with a great strong entrance of drumming and a frightening sample. Avi Algranati also has two tracks here. The Tripster track with Dino Psaras starts with a soothing calming little melody and then turns into chaos and mayhem. There are nice bells effects and you can easily recognize the new Space Cat sound that I already learned to appreciate from the Space Cats track (on Forever Psychedelic or Destination Goa 6), and the long buildups that finally explode like hell on you. Track 7 is not as good. I have to say that the more stuff I hear from Avi, the more I am convinced that he is the No. 1 trance artist and producer around. This guy got his sound just perfect, makes music that always got something to surprise you and leave you with the feeling that you've just heard something that was never done before. I was never disappointed with anything he was involved with as a musician or a DJ.
The new Space Cat CD is what I'm really waiting for (and should be out soon).

Recomendation:  This is a very intense CD with some really strong heavy unreleased tracks that stand out each for itself, and it is definitely a must if you like the Israeli trance as it really represents the new Israeli sound. But I must say, that this is a compilation and not just a collection of tracks and I think Avi Yossef, who compiled it, should have gone a bit easy on us. I find it a bit difficult to listen to the whole CD at once, as it is too much of an assault on your ears and can be too heavy and intense. So, if you think you can take it, go grab it.

Favorite tracks:2, 5, 6(!), 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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