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March 1 , 2021
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Tokyo Tel-Aviv- by DJ Ziki

 ( Noga ,  Aug. 2005 )

1. Bizzare Contact vs. Dooper Doopler- System Overload 7:03 2. Gataka & Gilix- Take it Easy 6:16 3. Freaked Frequencey- SKYx 7:08 4. Sesto Sento- Spank to Thor (Gatak remix) 6:34 5. Xerox & Illumination vs. Chakra- 7 Days (Tokyo live mix) 6:36 6. Vibe Tribe- Spun (DJ Ziki remix) 6:08 7. Karmachanics's (DJ Ziki)- Space Time 6:40 8. Intergalactic- Fairies Rain (DJ Ziki remix) 6:27 9. Ultravoice- Dark Side 8:10

Tokyo / Tel Aviv is the second compilation from Noga Records, run by DJ Ziki. This is a typical melodic full on compilation which is not ground breaking or anything but simply is fun.

Bizzare Contact and Dooper Doopler join forces (yet again) for System Overload. I didn't hear much of Doopler in here - sounds more like a solo effort by Didy. The track itself is quite fun - lots of surprises and traps and a happy melody at the end. Gataka joins Gilix and they take it easy in the next track(T2). Quite repetitive and boring here. Serbian Freaked Frequency provide the third track - Sky X. Groove and energies are what this track is about - very dancefloor friendly. Track 4 starts with familiar sounds - it's a remix to Spank To Thor by Gataka. Gataka failed to impress previously in this album, and it's not that much different here. The compilation takes a turning point at track 5 - a live mix of 7 Days. One of the cheesiest samples ever doesn't ruin the track which is nothing less than excellent. Xerox & Illumination know how to do music and how to make the people move. DJ Ziki put some of his own material in here as well, starting with a remix to Spun by Vibe Tribe. The original was packed with melodies, sometimes even too much. This is a much more mature version of the track, even though the structure could have been a bit better. DJ Ziki also puts a solo track here under the name Karmachanics. The melody gives a "I've heard it before" feeling but it doesn't matter. The track is done very well, constantly changing and not getting boring just for a bit. Another remix by the same guy, this time for Intergalactic's Fairies Rain. This time it's not as successful as the other tracks on this compilation. Ultra Voice ends the compilation with Dark Side. I'll forgive him for choosing a bad name for the track since it is not dark at all. Typical Ultra Voice music - nothing too extraordinary.

Recomendation:  Overall this is an above then average full on compilation. Very potent on the floor and a good thing to have when you want to pass long train rides with some boom boom music (tested and approved). 4 out of 9 tracks here are remixes, some successful while others not. Good effort by Noga Records, but there's still a way to reach perfection.
My Favorites: 1, 5(!), 6, 7.

Review by : Mike A.

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