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February 25 , 2024
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 ( Domo ,  Aug. 2002 )

1. Colours- Farbstifte 8:49 2. BLT & DJ Nadi- The Door part 1 8:02 3. Paste- Fever 8:06 4. Triplex- PiKaiFi 6:33 5. Triac- Sink 8:04 6. Yumade- La Reel Simplifie 8:18 7. Darwish- Darwish 8:01 8. Colours- Tuc Tuc 8:18 9. Insane Creation- Rumpelkammer 8:01

A debut compilation from a new Israeli label, Domo records, which deserve a few words themselves: the label is managed by DJ Nadi, one of Israel's veteran underground DJs, known for his uncompromising taste in trance music and this also promises to be the future sound of the label. Travelocity is a compilation combined from artists mostly from Israel and Switzerland and with a very minimal and groovy sound. Some of the tracks are technoish though others more progressive but throughout the CD, the airy atmosphere of good minimalistic music mixes the tracks into one whole experience.

The CD starts with Farbstifte from Colors, a new Swiss project and is a nice clubby opener. The Door from BLT and DJ Nadi (T2) is a strong night track, very groovy and the most complex track on the compilation, with very good breaks and entrances and a bit of a spooky atmosphere to it. I'm afraid that Fever from Paste (T3), another Swiss name, is my least favorite track here. It is definitely the most minimalistic (or least maximistic) on the CD and simply said it bores me. Nothing seams to happen there though the groove is nice. Luckily PiKaFi from Triplex (T4) is a much better track and helps rescue the compilation form sinking. It is a strong and powerful technoish piece with a massive kick, which flows nicely into Triac's Sink (T7), Taken from the Sink 12"- a strong piece of techno trance with a flowing bass line and hard distorted percussion parts. My favorite here. It is followed by Yumade's La Reel Simplifie (T6), a simple piece of minimalistic karahana. A very doncefloor track with a great middle break and entrance. Darwish (T7) from Darwish is a first release from DJ David, one of Domo's house DJs and it is a nice groovy number with not much to say about it but it showes potential in the sound work and good layering. Track 8, Tuc Tuc from Colours is not as good as their first track and its mellowness is a bit boring. The compilation ends with Insane Creation's Rumpelkammer (T9) a crazy little track with wild psychedelic tunes on top of a technoish rhythm section.

Recomendation:  All in all this is a good compilation, a little different from the usual, and makes for cool listening at home as well as being pretty good dance floor material for the early hours of the party. No huge hits here (with the exception of the Triplex, Yumade and the Triac tracks perhaps) but its well constructed and interesting to listen to. Favorites 2,4,5,6

Favorite tracks:2(!), 4, 5, 6(!), 7.

Review by : GuyShanti

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