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February 25 , 2021
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Tsunami 12" #1

 ( Kinetic ,  Oct. 2000 )

A. X-Dream- Aspirin 6:47 B. I-Zen- Voices 7:46

The first 12" from the Tsunami compilation with two killer tracks for different times of the party. On the Aside we have X-Dream hosting the Spirallianz and they're here to freak you out- BAH! Aspirin is a massive dark and frightening piece of music, starting with alien vacuum cleaners invasion, and continuing into an evil battlefield of mechanic sounds, a tour through an eternal endless universal factory, with a bass and kick that will devour your bowels from within. First rate dancfloor material for the night times!
On the Bside you have I-Zen (Erez Eizen of Infected Mushroom) with full on fullpower madness, a bit of mystery and darkness (though this is high noon time in the Sahara Desert comparing to the Aside), massive bass and kick, funky sound games, eerie atmosphere of heavenly choirs (courtesy of Erez's kid sister)- "Ddddisturrrbing Hallucinations, you're hearing voices!"- A thundery entrance, and boom boom boom- perfect full on like only Erez can make!

Recomendation:  Two killer dancfloor tracks- isn't that what vinyl is all about?

Review by : Shahar

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