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March 4 , 2024
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 ( Kinetic ,  Sep. 2000 )

1. Zorba- The Deep 6:27 2. Chakra- Deliverance 5:27 3. I-Zen- Voices 7:46 4. Saiko-pod- Magnetic Force 7:52 5. Total Eclipse- Psychedelic Terrorist 5:16 6. X-Dream- Aspirin 6:47 7. Oforia- Special Offer 8:29 8. Yahel- Reality 8:27 9. Infected Mushroom- Symphonatic 7:42 10. Morphem- Hypnotone 8:00

Psytrance hitting America and Israeli trance is half of the "invasion" force! NYC based Tsunami with Opher India Drop (Sinister Funk) and John Emanuel as the compilers built a diverse collection of psytrance tastes to awake the minds of the American nation to the most intriguing and imaginative music on our planet.

The opener is from Zorba (Riktam & Rossi) and appeared on TIPworld's Movers & Groovers at the Temple of Dawn. This is a happy tribal and relaxed morning tune. Very open and happy sounds, consuming and driving. A great opener. Following Chakra in an untypical track, though you can hear the massive dirty bass lurking in the background, this track stays mellow and airy. Another relaxed track with a tribal groove and an almost Jazzy end. This is a shortened edited version of the 10 minutes tribal original that was released as the closing bit to the excellent Optimus Rec. compilation, Resurrection. I prefer the original. I-Zen (Erez Eizen of Infected Mushroom) comes in next, and things are starting to get more full on and a bit darker, massive bass & kick, funky sound games, eerie atmosphere of heavenly choirs (courtesy of Erez's kid sister)- "Ddddisturrrbing Hallucinations, you're hearing voices!"- A thundery entrance, and boom boom boom- perfect! Saiko-pod follow with Magnetic Force (T4). A great semi-industrial psychedelic and dark relentless track, making you jump like a monkey with smeared magnetic force samples squeezing and flattening your mind. If you have doubts you are monkeyed in the jungle, the monkeys around you in the middle of the track will make you sure of it- a real goodie! Veterans trio Total Eclipse are present as well, with Psychedelic Terrorist (T5), a crazy breed of trance and drum'n'base, totally psychedelic, totally nutty, totally eclipsed- a perfect track for a hazy late morning crazed moments, from the masters of morning music. X-Dream are here to freak you out, Aspirin (T6) is a massive dark and frightening piece of music, an evil battlefield of mechanic sounds, a tour through an eternal endless universal factory, a bass and kick that will devour your bowels from within. First rate dancfloor material beyond debate, but I don't like the atmosphere of this track, I miss old X-Dream stuff. Anyway this track should have come after Saiko-pod and before Total Eclipse, definitely not before the next track, the cut and move to Oforia is horrible. Ofer delivers a Special Offer (T7), very much in tune with Off the Ground, a happy toony groovy track with a massive kick, and an adventure atmosphere around it. It doesn't do it to me though. Maybe it's just out of place here. Yahel follows with a big surprise, Reality (T8), a massive full on track with rough powerful sounds, very different from his usual very club-like sound, though the colossal build up is here. He should follow this direction more in the future. This is a real sweeping full on fullpower morning madness track with an edge. Infected Mushroom are here as well of course- "a man with the bass just walked in, and he's putting it down on the floor"- I think this is the best sample I heard in a track in a long while, if not ever. It is also true of the track itself, which is blessed with an immense bass. Another Infected typical track, no surprises, but perfectly done, a real party stormer, as only they are able to produce. This is really in line with Classical Mushroom (actually it is the first track they made after the album) and still says nothing about what to expect from their new album in the works. Ending this compilation is a 2 years old real classic- Hypnotone from Morphem, this is a great track and it aged well.

Recomendation:  Bearing in mind that this CD is meant to be an introduction to psytrance for a new unsuspecting audience, it does the job well. Great tracks of diverse sound and mind, delivering a taste of psytrance that will leave people thinking: "Yummy!". Even veterans will enjoy it- it's just a good compilation. If they would just switch track 5 & 6 it would be really great.

Favorite tracks:1, 3(!), 4, 5(!), 8, 9, 10.

Review by : Shahar

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