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May 19 , 2024
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 ( Hadshot Haheizar ,  Nov. 2000 )

1. Deedrah- Manly Hazard (rmx) 8:46 2. Snug as a Bug- 4 Months Later 6:48 3. Three Point Turn- In/Out 5:51 4. Analog Pussy- Shperma Pornomatic 10:30 5. D.I.M.O.- Krull 8:28 6. Charasmatix- Equilibrism part 2 8:29 7. Droidlock- Falling Apart 7:57 8. Ninja & Bamboo Forest- Three of Us 7:52 9. Dook Moyza- Ram n' Damn 7:37

Another compilation starting with a Deedrah track, why change a winning combination? Here Dado starts with a chilled dub piece growing slowly into a spacey trance track, with the powerful Dado drive. Brilliant job as usual, great sound and build up. Then it's Snug as a Bug- techno time- I could see the point of this track in a party- but at home it just bores me- doesn't make my head dance. Three Point Turn on the other hand with In/Out (T3) a massive techno-trance piece with a lot of volume, great hi-hats work and a lot of groove- great track. Then it's Analog Pussy time with Shperma Pornomatic (T4), one of their best tracks ever, a long dark hard and heavy hallucinatory journey with a lot of musical richness and great story telling. This track has old techno time feeling to it, but with a real twist- and it's insane as the name suggests. One the two best tracks here. DIMO disappoints a bit here, with Krull (T5), the other Kr*ll tracks are much better. Charasmatix track (T6) start intensely insane, and keeps going that way, powerful sounds full of presence, scratchy on the verge of scary. Great use of samples and a real moving and grooving drive- Xplosive stuff. Then it's Droidlock with a piece that sounds like Big Black stuff, for those of you who know that late Chicago punk-rock band. Strong, almost violent, scratchy piece of music with a powerful drive and groove. Good track for those who like these energies- I don't communicate with this stuff anymore really. Three of Us are Ninja & Bamboo Forest (T8) with typical Bamboo Forest sounds, a lot of layering and changes, and a lot of bounce- nice one. Ending the compilation in Yaniv's surprises department is the other of the two best tracks here, Dook Moyza (Oliver Morganroth) with a nutty undefined piece of electronica that has it all- every-changing rhythms, goa lines, breaks, disco, psycedelia, a lot of funk, great samples, and a great sense of humor. But most of all it's so fresh that it's just a delight.

Recomendation:  Hadshot's best compilation- no need to say more.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4(!), 6, 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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