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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Hujaboy

So Hujaboy, are you a mad scientist playing with sounds?

No. I am actually a playboy bunny playing with myself.

Can you explain to the surfers why I opened with this question?

There is a bonus multimedia track on my new album, it's a video clip about a scientist that...you should see it!

Good Boy. I must say that this video clip on your new album is something else, something I haven't seen in the equivalent of in trance till now. Can you tell us a little about how was it made?

It all began a year ago, a dude called Adomi (the director) came up with a great idea.
His idea was to build a video clip and sound track in the same time. So he gave me a written script and I started working on the track while he started filming it. After he finished filming he gave me an hour of unedited raw scenes and I started to build the track according to the uncut material. Then I gave the unfinished track back to Adomi and he began the editing. So we kept on doing this ping pong work until we got the final version of "The people vs Hujaboy".

A new album- Hujajoy- tell us about it a little.

Hujajoy is my first album. I have worked on it for about a year and it's released under Hommega. I made this album at my home studio in Jerusalem. Lots of nice people helped me during the work on it (Domestic, BLT, Psysex, Xerox). The album is defined by some as tech-trance music, but I don't like definitions- for me its psychedelic dance music.

You arrived at the trance scene few years ago as part of Gorlation Corporation, a group that made a lot of impact, didn't release much and died away. What happened in Gorlation and what made you move to be a Hujaboy on your own?

Actually we had about 13 releases under Gorlation Corporation but never a full album.
About why we broke up... I guess we have both reached a point we felt the music doesn't go anywhere we both wanted.

I know you listen to a multitude of electronic genres, do you think this shows in your music, and why you chose to make trance then?

I am always trying to reach a new structure of building a track, so I believe that these are the places I insert my influence from other genres. I am listening to acid/techno/trance since 92. I love this music and it's a part of my soul.

Do you have plans to go other directions as well?

Of course I have lots of ideas and direction. I am now trying to choose because if I won't focus on one of them I will get lost for sure.

There's something very dark in your music, yet I know you as a happy funny person- where does it come from, or where do you wanna go?

I think lots of things are taking me to darker places. First of all, the city I live in. You probably know that Jerusalem is not the easiest place to live in, and to be happy in this aggressive place you need to release all the anger that builds up inside. So instead of grabbing a machine gun I grab my studio and "shoot" all over the place and instead of killing I make people happy. Second thing, I love metal. And third, I love Darth Vader.

What do you want the music you're making to do to the people listening?

Take them to other worlds, or just shake their asses.

What was your first musical experience?

You mean ever?
When I was 5 years old I went to Haifa with my older cousin who had the amazing hi tech unbelievable invention-The Walkman. He put the headphones on my head and I was amazed how the sound took control of my hole world. I listened to Rush's YYZ an amazing instrumental piece.

When did you understand music is gonna be a major part in your life? Why?

From a very young age I knew I am going to make music, but I wasn't sure how. I had a couple of metal bands that didn't last long.
I was in Goa in 95/96 and when I came back I decided I wanna be a DJ. In that time I hooked up with Assaf (Gorlation Corporation) and we started making music, about that time I knew this is my life!!! Music making gives me a high that is better than any drug known to man.

What was/is your trance experience?

I have been to some nice imaginary worlds, I recommend everybody a visit.

Parties you remember best- dancing and playing?

Playing- Definitely in Yokohama Bay Hall in Japan. The crowed there is AMAZING!!! I love them.
Dancing- New Years Eve in 95 Goa, Arambol beach. Dado at night & GMS in the morning. Best spot best vibes!

What music does it to you these days?

Trance? Bamboo Forest, X-Dream, Son Kite are amazing, Ticon, Qlap, Wizzy Noise.

What is the last CD you bought?

Timmo Maas- Loud.

Future plans?

I am working these days on my Boo Reka project, which is more technoish and less psychedelic.
And a couple of surprises :)

 Interview by Shahar
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