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February 25 , 2024
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Transparent Image - compiled by DJ Omi

 ( Sirius ,  Sep. 2004 )

1. Rocky and Intelabeam- My mind 2. Illumination - Armadildo 3. Dali- Love of my life 4. 40% - Shut up 5. Paranormal Attack- Go on 6. Exaile - Pure 7. 40% and Paranormal Attack - Babas fritos 8. Joti vs. Paul Taylor and 40% - Schwarmageddon 9. Rinkadink & Mike modular- Just for kicks

DJ Omi a.k.a. 40% a.k.a. Omri Harpaz has compiled this new compilation for the Japanese Sirius Records. First of all, I have to note the interesting and original cover art and concept which is great. Now to the music:

Rocky & Intelabeam open the compilation with My Mind. It has everything an opening track needs: some atmospheric sounds to put you in the mood and a great kick & bass combination. It slowly evolves to become a great morning track, something to float with. Second is Armadildo by Illumination. This one has a very interesting and nostalgic ending, but unfortunately the rest of the track is plain boring. Dali tells us love stories with the third track. What can I say - this is a great story. Singing (which I'm always for), guitars (when it's done well), evolution and energies. The compiler of the CD comes next with Shut Up. Tired of vocals, this one goes into wild chord progressions, something which music quite lacks today. Paranormal Attack goes on with track number five. Did I mention that I like singing in trance? This is a perfect example of how it should be done. The first half of the track is quite terrible, but then halfway through it becomes something amazing. Melodic guitars, singing. Just perfect. Exaile - Pure is track six. I expected something different after hearing their album, but this track is closer to their old material, which I'm not very fond of. Somehow, though, I enjoy listening to it. 40% joins Paranormal Attack for Babas Fritos - nothing that I haven't heard before. Track eight, Schwarmageddon is no different. Rinkadink & Mike Modular - Just For Kicks closes the album and does that with style. A well built track with great sounds and structure.

Recomendation:  Check samples to see if this is your favorite style. If it is - then it is a good investment. Not all tracks are good, but the other tracks make up for it.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 5(!), 9

Review by : Mike A.

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