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February 24 , 2024
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BLT and Danni Makov - Anything U Want

 ( Tokyo Dance ,  May. 2004 )

1.Mind the Gap 142bpm 10:01 2.The Calling (live edit) 142bpm 9:51 3.Anything U Want 145bpm 6:45 4.The Rain Song 142bpm 7:53 5.Graceful Dead 140bpm 7:19 6.Patterns of... 143bpm 13:31 7.Space Boogie (missionary mix) 142bpm 8:43 8.Epitaph 143bpm 8:59

BLT (Yuli Fershtat) and Danni Makov started collaborating in the year 2002. Their collaboration grew stronger, turning from jamming sessions in the studio to a live show and a full album. BLT has already released 3 albums on Krembo & Hommega and Danni has worked as a drummer with many Israeli bands and singers such as Nikmat Hatraktor, Berry Sacharof and Arkadi Duchin. Coming from different domains, they make a fantastic collaboration.

It starts with Mind the Gap, an excellent track which builds itself slowly towards an explosion. And when it suddenly explodes, it makes you feel like jumping very high and having a psychedelic experience as well. Best track here, really makes you understand what trance is all about. Next is The Calling (live edit). The original track appeared on UFS 3. On 2003, the callback remix was released on God is Love in collaboration with Danni. This time we get a more ďliveĒ feeling and some fresh additions. Still, itís very similar to their previous remix. Iíve seen this track performed live and itís much more exciting that way. The 3rd track (Anything U Want) has a dark atmosphere, a lot of groove and a smart, psychedelic use of vocals. Another one that makes you go crazy on the dancefloor. The Rain Song (T4), as the name suggests, is a ďwinterĒ track. Close your eyes and imagine how the rain gets you all wet and heavy. Graceful Dead is dedicated to Cosma, who was killed in a bike accident in Feb 2002 while he was traveling in India. Graceful track indeed. Gentle and beautiful. Rest in Peace. Patterns of... (T6) is a 13 minute long track with a very strong structure (well, patterns...). Although itís longer than an average track, it isnít boring for a second, always changing, taking you from one point to another. You can hear the longer version (19 minutes) in their live shows. The Space Boogie remix was already released on the News CDS. This version of the remix is differently mixed, shorter and more dance floor oriented. The last one is a big favorite. Melancholic vocals and pessimistic feelings are all over this track, yet I canít say the story doesnít have a good end. It still has a happy feeling all over it.

Recomendation:  Exactly what I was waiting for since God is Love. I canít get enough of this CD. All the tracks are different from each other, there is no consistent formula. The album tells a story, It takes you from one place to another. RECOMMENDED!
Favorites: 1(!), 3, 5, 6, 8(!).

Review by : Timmy

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