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October 26 , 2021
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Bluetech - The Divine Invasion

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Apr. 2009 )

1. Finding the Future by Looking Backwards 7:18 2. Lost in an Imagined Labyrinth 6:39 3. Probability Tree 6:05 4. Rite of the Dragonfly 7:28 5. Swimming in a Feverdream 6:04 6. Holding Space 6:03 7. Honey in the Heart 6:55 8. Ace Ventura & Lish- The Light (Bluetech remix) 8:09 9. Even the Stones Sing 7:29 10. Bluetech & Mirror System- Living Time 7:17 11. Bluetech & Eitan Reiter- A Golden Ratio Sings 7:54

The Divine Invasion by Bluetech starts out soft with some nice gravitational solvers. You can feel that the floating puzzle will take you to beautiful and out of this world landscapes of geometrical graphs and relaxing hearts with a pinch of sunshine smile. The IDM/dub/chill is felt in the technical aspects of the production. Itís this fine-tuning ability which Evan has perfected throughout the years of fiddling with sounds that molds this release as being something utterly intellectual, emotional, and of course, highly technological. It contains blue morning skies, summer breeze on the coastline with birds resting on the gentle wind strokes. Dreaming of being, feeling no time with the rhythmic structures, dancing in geometrical bubble baths. The quirky sounds, the playful effects and emotional harmonics play important role in entertaining you. Bluetech with beloved visions let us see and experience authentic human emotions of sorrow and joy, wonder and affirmatives. Sometimes it gets weird and awry. He can joke as a clown, yet he doesnít look like one. In essence he acts as a poet.

A few words about the collaboration tracks: In 2007 Ace Ventura and Lish created a very sweet and innocent melodic progressive trance track called The Light (T8). It was a big hit for its brilliance of using a euphoric melody theme with huge, soft and steady baselines. Bluetech has taken this track and added his magic to it. In the tenth track, Evan works together with Mirror System which is the chilled project of System 7. Now for me, this is the most intense track in emotional aspects. Itís also the one that brings emotions to your face, making it more accessible for all to witness and feel. Itís a pleasure to the mind to dance between the sheets with soft flowery senses together with a guitar and tribal drums. Itís the most easy listening track of the lot, so itís a nice wind stroke from all the other complex tunes. Last track is together with Eitan Reiter who is half of the Psytrance project Loud. This is a brew of past memories playing the jazz club in liquid.
The Divine Invasion at times offers the listener strange play inside advanced places, the mood has hopping bleeps and sucking beeps, and as it weirds out, the manipulated bopish beats lead the tracks along their trails with beautiful harmonics swaying over fun, and at times, awkward robotic spaces. Bluetech has a sound, a certain emotion, a way of telling a story, a feeling that shines inviting and personal. Itís complex in structure and dreamy in vision but unfortunately for some people who crave clear paths, blurry in direction. This album is painted on a timeless canvas with sounds made for you as a gift, something to explore and ponder. The structure has an arrangement which is crystal clear in its cybertech-dub realm. At times, one realizes that the music is only the bonus of this piece of audio art.

Recomendation:  The Divine Invasion is a nice album that suits well as background when in company, reading a book, or when wanting to experience a hidden world of geometrical structures and graphs covered in an emotional paint. When getting to know the tracks and their stories you quickly start to appreciate all the work put in to it and the many layers of sonic candy being told. If you got the earlier work of Bluetech released on Alpha Zero, you will understand that Mr. Bartholomew has stayed truthful and committed to his special emotional direction and vibe. The Divine Invasion is recommended with all of my head.

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 5, 7, 10-12.

Review by : Psytones

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