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February 24 , 2024
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Dark Soho - Combustion

 ( Alchemy ,  Dec. 2002 )

1. The New Age 7:20 2. Dark Moon in Stonehenge 8:22 3. The 14th 8:01 4. Kerbaros 8:01 5. Noise 6 6:38 6. Combustion 7:06 7. Save Me God (rmx) 7:41 8. The - H 8:35 9. My Wish 5:37 * Uine Saracoma (rmx) (video clip)

I must say first that I finally got to listen fully to the new Dark Soho album after a week of heavy retro-ing into my heavy metal collection, maybe if I would listen to it in a different mood, I would have not connected to it so much. So take that into account.

Dark Soho's second album finds them delving deeper into their own world of gothic and heavily metallic atmospheres sprayed on trancey beats. Here you can also find new technoish and industrial influences. The grooves are catchier, the production is much better, and the music is deeper. It starts well with The New Age, taking us deep into the dark spooky atmosphere on a sweeping groove and bass. Dramatic beautiful gothic melodies which penetrate you deep down inside. Dark Moon in Stonehenge continues with the same atmosphere, but gets the tight beats and the rocky guitars in, ending in a floor storming celebration. The 14th (T3) definitely does the job on the floor, but it gets tired in the end at home. Kerbaros (T4) gets more technoish with an overall steam train journey feel to it, but the gothic melodies are still here. Nice, but gets a bit tiring at this point. Noise 6 (T5) continues the technoish feel much more seriously, a nice blend of distorted techno beats topped with dramatic mellow melodies. Excellent track. Combustion takes it back to explosive guitarish realms. Nothing to say here- better dance. Follows a remix to (now dead) Concrete Nature's Save Me God (should have been credited more clearly)- we're talking pure industrial distortions- I'm having Ministry flashbacks!!! The - H (T8) relaxes things a bit with a totally catchy beat and groove and nice caressing melodies, and not even too moody ones. Nice early morning tune. My Wish ends the album, a freestyling ambientish tune. Cute, but not more. Oh, and there's a video clip inside as well, the track is nice, though nothing new, but the clip is basically just clips from a live show of The Sohos in Alchemy's label party in London. A bonus.

Recomendation:  If you have some extra aggressions to dissolve, or you miss your head-banging days, this is a good purchase for you- you'll be dancing hard in your room doing imaginary guitar stunts. Dark Soho do an excellent job of melting borders. Next step, though, should be breaking them. My favorites here: 1, 2, 5-8.

Review by : Shahar

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