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February 25 , 2024
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Retro - 10 years of Israeli trance

 ( Phonokol ,  Jun. 2001 )

CD1 mixed by Avi Nissim 1. Astral Projection- Let There Be Light 8:40 2. MFG- Shape the Future 6:24 3. Xerox & Freeman- Karina remix 6:38 4. Phreaky- The Second Moon 5:00 5. Astral Projection & MFG- The Sleeper Must Awake 6:12 6. Chakra & Edi Mis- X-File 7:04 7. Power Source- Goaway 7:58 8. Yahel & I.Zen- Waves of Sound 5:16 9. Witchcraft- Whale 6:35 10. Indoor- Shiva 7:51 11. SFX- Butterfly Trip 7:49 CD2 mixed by DJ Eyal & I.Zen 1. Cat On Mushroom- the fly (live mix) 7:23 2. Alien Project feat. Astrix- Electro 7:41 3. Infected Mushroom- Psycho 7:36 4. Tandu- Alien Pump 6:24 5. BLT feat. DJ Nadi- Space Boogie 7:43 6. Pigs in Space- Visitors (part 1) 6:27 7. Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong 8:58 8. Passenger- Reborn (MFG Remix) 4:53 10. Sandman- Natural Born Killer 8:33 11. California Sunshine- Summer 89 7:46

So it's about ten years since the first parties started in small secret nature spots all around the land of milk and honey. It took a little more since Israelis started experimenting with those electronic sounds, and the rest is all history. Now, in what can be better described as the land of trance and booming, Phonokol, one of the first labels to release trance here in Israel, decided to sum it up a bit- the outcome is a double mixed CD with killer dancefloor Israeli tracks, that will just remind you what it was all about (and still is?).

The first CD is mixed by Avi Nissim from Astral Projection, labeled 'Sunrise CD', it basically has the older tracks, with the typical early years' melodic style. Still enough power here to pump you up.
Starting with Astral's classic and moving Let There Be Light (originally on the first Goa Vibes), best use of a sample ever, and a great happy morning one. From here, it's a smooth move to the first MFG hit- Shape the Future, that was followed by a great success with four albums. Then comes Karina remix (T3) from Human Race, Xerox & Freeman's album, that defined the term Full On basically. Phreaky follows with one of my favorite exploding tracks ever - "A storm is coming, our storm, and when it arrives it will shake the universe- the second moon!". From the great first album of Mr. Algranati. It's Astral & MFG after, with The Sleeper Must Awake (T5), one of the two collaborations between the giant of what was labeled Israeli trance, these days (from Israel's Psychedelic Trance). Nice and moving, but not a big favorite with me. Follows the immortal X-File (T6), the "monkeys' track", that burned so many dancefloors and was remixed by so many electronic artists from every possible field. From the great Krembo release by Chakra & Edi Mis- The Promised Land. Some music never dies- even dance music. Than the mixes loose their smoothness a bit, when we move to another great one- Power Source's Goaway, also featured in a multitude of compilations, that melody will stir some things inside us oldies that we may have forgotten. A bit out of place, but not in spirit, are Yahel with Erez from Infected Mushroom, with the emotional moving Waves of Sound (T8). Then we cut to another classic from Witchcraft, Whale, from the long forgotten Trance Addiction compilation of the prematurely deceased Headroom label. It's time for Indoor next with the classical Shiva, from the their amazing only CD- Progressive Trance, that changed the sound of trance. Ending the CD is another Astral track, under their first name- SFX, from Trust in Trance 2- another weird choice.

The second CD, amazingly mixed by DJ Eyal of Hommega together with Erez from Infected is a more full on, fullpower, no-nonsense party mix, full of stormers and with newer tracks.
Opening is The Fly, in a never released before live mix- massive party hit from Infected and the Space Cat. Than the newer generation is represented by Alien Project feat. Astrix in a very GMSish track- full on all the way. Psycho (T3), the biggest Infected hit from The Gathering blends in greatly- memories of crazed morning moments. The classic Alien Pump by Tandu (T4) follows- probably Ofer's best track ever- no words- just jump! Than, trapped between two Dikovskis we have BLT & DJ Nadi- groove time- boogie with Robert- I just love this one, from the excellent Presence CD. Another Dikovski, in another project with Visitors (part 1) from the excellent Pigs in Space album- Ofer in his most metallic times. Children of the Doc with their first big hit that made it clear they're going to stick around- Bionic Bong (from Psychedelic Vibes 5)- more morning madness. Passenger with a massive build up only he can make with Reborn (MFG remix) (T8) from his For All Mankind CD. Than back to Goblin & Yoni under their other name- PsySex with L.S.Dance, well remembered from the first Israliens- "they gave you what?". Than it's back to older times with the massive morning madness of Mr. Sandman with his great TIP hit- Natural Born Killer (T10)- tweaking & squeaking in arcade land as always. And ending the compilation is the natural choice- California Sunshine with the track that best describes for me how and why all of this began- Summer 89- from their first CD- "All the people on this earth are truly one!".

Recomendation:  A must have- no question about it. If you were there, you'll laugh and cry, if you weren't, try and get a taste of what you missed- either way, you should jump with this one. Some tracks I would choose differently, but so would everyone basically. Almost all the main people behind what happened here musically are represented, and that's enough. One is missing though- Jinno- and Art Indust- This is News of Trance, should have been here as well.

Review by : Shahar

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