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February 24 , 2024
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Israel`s Psychedelic Trance vol. 5

 ( Phonokol / T.I.T. ,  Mar. 2001 )

1. Astral Projection- Anything Is Possible 8:01 2. Anti Gravity- New Gravity 6:32 3. Alien Project feat. Astrix- Genetic Eyes 7:25 4. Astral Projection- Another World (Passenger remix) 7:42 5. Santeria- Koza Nostra 8:06 6. One Man Crew- Double Click 6:27 7. MFG- Dark Waters (brighter mix) 8:55 8. Green House Effect- State of Mind 8:06 9. Passenger- A.320 Project 6:28

This is the fifth album in the Israel's Psychedelic Trance series. The overall feel of the album is very melodic and full on. I was disappointed to see only 67 minutes of music on this CD. Come on Phonokol! You can fit 80 minutes on this piece of plastic! This means about 2 more tracks that they should have included.

This album opens with Astral Projection's Anything is Possible- this track is filled with energies from the very beginning. It has a little clubby feel to it, but AP knows how to make it sound like true full-on Goa. It has less "noise" than most of their older tracks. Classic AP style and melodies. After that we hear the gong sounds in Anti Gravity - New Gravity (T2). This is a very melodic track that has some groove in it. It has a very beautiful atmospheric feeling to it. Some of the melodies are simply work of a genius mind- definitely one of the best tracks on the album. I'm expecting to see more work from this artist. After the impressive opening with Anything Is Possible and New Gravity, we get Alien Project and Astrix - Genetic Eyes (T3). This is a fast night track with a nice bassline and sounds. This track is sure to become a dancefloor hit. The next track is Passenger's remix to AP's first track- Another World (T4). This is one of the best remixes I heard for this track (There were 3 of them on Another World CDS). You can feel the Passenger touch on it. Most of the melodies that used to be very warm feeling synth lines are now simple melodies but very carefully edited to fit today's more progressive style. Santeria's Koza Nostra (T5) starts with some kind of an oriental melody, quickly to be followed by the very deep kick drums. This track sounds like something made by AP, with their style of breaks, entrances and melodies. But still, it has something different. The next track is One Man Crew's Double Click (T6). Starts with a groovy breakbeat, then the kick drums and then comes the bassline. The sample "This place will go up any second now" really fits in here :-). This track was produced by Erez Izen from Infected Mushroom, and you can definitely feel his touch in here. This how IM would sound if they will start making melodic music. The track has many weird and twisted sounds that sound perfect. Killer track that goes well on the dancefloors. I was a bit disappointed by MFG's Dark Waters (Brighter Mix) (T7). The original can be found in The Message. It's very unfortunate that they ruined a very good track. It has lost its special feel and it doesn't sound any brighter to me. After this track, comes Green House Effect with State Of Mind (T8) also released on Global Warming. This track is a quiet and minimal track, good for home listening. It has a housey feel to it but it is still nice. Closing the compilation is Passenger with A.320 Project. This is a very minimal and progressive track that I think doesn't fit the CD, But it is still a good track. A good use of breaks in this one.

Recomendation:  This CD is extremely good. Maybe the best in the Israel's Psychedelic Trance series. It's good to dance to and for home (or any other place) listening. It has some very good tracks, and a few bad ones, a combination of old veteran artists and some new and promising ones.

Favorite tracks:3, 6, 9.

Review by : Mike A.

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