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October 31 , 2020
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Israeli DAT Mafia EP

 ( Baloonia ,  1998 )

A1. Infected Mushroom- Overload 8:16 A2. Xerox & Freeman- Are we happy? 8:42 B1. Freeman vs. Liquid Metal- Optical Crystal 7:56 B2. Xerox & Freeman- Virus Hunter 10:10

This is one of three DAT Mafia EPs that came out on vinyl, for vinyl lovers and DJs. Here you'll find tracks from three different Israeli CDs that were all a first sign to a change in sound of trance in Israel with the importing of some European characteristics into the full on madness and melodic work that were always a mark of Israeli trance.
Overload is a deserving opener for this EP- powerful psychedelic stuff from Infected Mushroom. This is not the best of Infected Mushroom's tracks, but it's still nice and very powerful. The sample goes: "No, no, no more scientists, no more laboratories, no more experiments, thought you'd be able to understand- No more!". A great track taken from Full On 2- The Israeli DAT Mafia.
Are We Happy? Can be found on Future Navigators from MDMA. This is another well-built stormer from Xerox & Freeman. This duo is doing their thing with hard driven bass lines and rock guitars, and the anticipated massive build up that keeps working. A Very massive and intense track. Must say though, that this formula needs refreshing.
Optical Crystal is another beautiful amazing track from Freemen (Doron Kosovski) & Liquid Metal (Roman Reznik), also on Full On 2. Just listen to the opening sample inviting you to a dreaming expedition and you'll know what to expect. Amazing buildups! Beautiful work with the samples and a constant flow of energy- this is one powerful track, just like all the other tracks coming from this cooperation (Check Tour de Trance in Trance Mix 9 and Liquid Noise in Matsuri's Forever Psychedelic), but I think this is the best of them all. It will surely flip your party.
Virus Hunter, from Xerox & Freeman's Human Race, is another massive track, a non-stop assault on your hearing and processing organs. You can hear the virus right in the beginning of the track and then the hunt begins.

Recomendation:  Full On it is- every track is a massive party stormer- vinyl DJs, this is a must!

Review by : Shahar

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