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June 19 , 2024
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Future Navigators II - the second tour

 ( MDMA ,  Aug. 2000 )

1. Infected Mushroom- Wider 6:56 2. Tim Schuldt- 7 7:40 3. G.M.S vs. Earthling- Cheese Balls 6:29 4. Space Cat- Space Cats (remix) 8:44 5. Talamasca- Telepathic Atmosphere (live mix) 7:58 6. Total Eclipse- Alternatif 7:36 7. Oforia- Impulse 8:27 8. Future Prophecy- The 2nd Room (remix) 8:14 9. Etnica- Trip Tonight (remix) 10:54

Well, A sequel to Future Navigators, the compilation that first brought MDMA to our attention. A lot has happened to MDMA since, and you can feel it here. This is simply "hits" CD, almost every track is or will be a party hit, it's all unreleased, and it features the biggest names in trance, and navigated by DJ Dede of course.

Infected Mushroom opening up with Wider, finally some new Infected sounds (still perfect and clean as usual), a totally different story than Classical Mushroom. This is a sneaky track, mellowing you down, biting and playing with you around and then scratching your mind intensively for the last two minutes till the end. Oh, and nice groove. Tim Schuldt follows with "7" (T2), a very happy, almost ecstatic track, that is by Schuldt's standards, which makes it a powerful spooky morning tune. A real immense kick, great metal melodies, clean massive sounds. One of my favorites here. GMS with one of their friends give us a short happy psychedelic tune, very full on, straight to the point, and sounds very much in tune with their new album- GMS vs. Systembusters. Nothing special, but still works. Then we have Space Cat with the much-awaited Space Cats (remix) (T4). The original is a real classic (released on Matsuri's Forever Psychedelic), still played in parties, and the remix is also great. First half of the track you won't have a clue what is going on, and then the slowly rising entrance comes and brings to your mind and body automatically the good memories of the original, burned somewhere in the mysterious paths of the brain, gotta start jumping then. A great remix on the light atmospheric side of the party. Then it's another remix, this time of Telepathic Atmosphere from Talamasca's freshly released debut album, Beyond the Mask. A more massive mix, with more power, and somehow the female gothic choir fits in much better here, making the track more powerful- better than the original. Total Eclipse deliver Alternatif (T6), old school Goa style, I like it, I guess not all will. Serge is a master, and that annoying cricket sound catches me right from the beginning and drags me all along the monotonous track jumping and bumping- help!
To relieve you from this and start the emotional part of the compilation, enters with a jazzy sound Oforia's Impulse (T7). This is probably a leftover from Off the Ground, Ofer's latest album. The sounds are identical, and also the feelings- groovy baby! And there is a surprise of course. Another goody. After remixing Freak (on their album Shadows), Future Prophecy are here with another remix to X-Dream (a pity MDMA chose not to even mention this fact, kinda weird really & not very nice...), this time the guys from Be'er Sheva remixed the classic 2nd Room (the original can be found in Goa Vibes vol. 3). A great remix, pumping power to the original (which is still better, though). The nostalgic feel goes on with the amazing Trip Tonight (remix) from Etnica (finally on CD). What can I say about this track? It's all about feelings, and deep massive moving feelings, dancing on emotions- this is a track that will never fade, a true classic

Recomendation:  It doesn't really navigate you to the future, but this is a great compilation of the present hits of psytrance. A very good mostly full on compilation, beautifully built- nothing new, but masterly done. I have fun listening to it, most trance lovers will, I believe.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 4-8, 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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