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July 14 , 2024
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Psysex - Expressions of Rage

 ( HOMmega ,  Nov. 1999 )

1. Psysex- The Alien Panic 2. Power Source- Sky Walker (Psysex remix) 3. Psysex- Experimental Procedure 4. Psysex- The Evil Turkeys 5. Psysex- An Expression of Rage 6. Xerox- Blast that Rock (Psysex vs. Freeman remix) 7. Psysex- L.S.Dance 8. Psysex- The Beat of the Year 9. Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong (bonus track)

Finally, a much expected debut album from DJ Goblin, working together with Yoni Oshrat, as Psysex. They deliver here great sampling, great technique, great psychedelics, and great melodies- in short- great music.

The Alien Panic, together with Yahel, is a nice opener, melodic and groovy. The formula is too familiar, though, and I don't like this track too much. But as I said, it's a nice opener, and from here on things only get better, nearing the best.

Track 2, is a great remix to Sky Walker (out of Power Source's Cosmic Waves), making a nice track into a perfect one. This is one of the tracks that I will always associate with Goa 2000- it was driving so many people out of their heads and bodies every morning in Goa around the millennium- "buckle up back there, we're going into hyperactive!". Experimental Procedure (T3), is full of brilliant psy sounds and effects, creepy crawling feeling all along the track, turning halfway to driving melody with a powerful bass line. The Evil Turkeys follows. This is my favorite here- you can just feel the breeze of fresh music blowing through. This track is just amazing, a very surprising track, and I always appreciate a good surprise. It's built all around great funny dialogues, taken from Southpark. Here Goblin proves that he is the new undisputed king of samples (It used to be Olli Wisdom for me before). All and all, this sounds like a party in a combination of a madhouse and a toy store, funny and brilliant, and very ironic, I suspect. And there is that bouncing part in the end... A great interlude for every party when the people get too exhausted and need their energy built up again. A psychotic intermission, brings us to track 5 (An Expression of Rage). Slow and groovy with beautiful bass lines and effects, and a lot of sound games, a cute track that prepares you for the blast.

When Goblin first played me the remix he and Freeman did to Blast that Rock (T6), 4 months ago, I was knocked out, and told him and Eyal that this has got to be released for the world to be heard and danced to- fast! Massive, that's the right word for this piece, I believe. The original Xerox track from Freestyle, was my favorite in that album, it was minimalistic but with a very strong melodic line. This remix adds more power, a real grinding quality, and the result is a powerful night track- people will dig craters around them in parties with this one.

L.S.Dance (T7), originally appeared in ISRaliens. As I wrote then, the name says it all and I have nothing much to add, great sampling work, the Goblin trademark, makes the whole track. This is a classic, and the track that probably brought these guys to people's attention.

The Beat of the Year (T8), chills things out, very groovy, even Jazzy- nice one. But it does not end here, because Hommega threw in a bonus track, Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong, and it's great to have it here. This track was the second by these guys that made me say: wow- something is there! (the first was Welcome Friends on Israel's Psychedelic Trance, vol. III). It originally appeared on Psychedelic Vibes 5 (TIT/Phonokol), but was kind of lost there and many people missed it. A very good idea to put it here, indeed.

Recomendation:  The promise was there, and it is delivered. Full power, innovative, diverse, funny, refreshing, psychedelic- grab it!

Favorite tracks:2(!), 4(!), 6, 8, 9(!).

Review by : Shahar

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