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October 31 , 2020
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Psysex - Hardcore Blastoff

 ( HOMmega ,  Jun. 2001 )

1. Psy Sex in Panick- Hardcore Blastoff 140bpm 7:53 2. Psy Sex feat. Manitu- Final Mission 138bpm 8:29 3. Psy Sex in Panick- Little Black Hole 139bpm 8:29 4. Psy Sex- Dominatrix 141bpm 7:36 5. Sex on Mushroom- Dirty 80's 145bpm 8:24 6. Growling Mad Sex- Imprint 145bpm 8:16 7. Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong (Psy Sex remix ) 148bpm 10:02 8. Psy Sex- Smooth Sailing 130bpm 8:12 Bonus Track: 9. Koopa Troopa- Sunset Boulevard 4:52

DJ Goblin and Yoni Oshrat deliver their second and very up-to-date album on Hommega. When Yoni told me the album is going to be called Hardcore Blastoff I thought to myself this is not really a very good title after the killer debut Expressions of Rage. I'm not one for names though, and the blastoff has really grown on me, title-wise and music-wise!

The opener, Hardcore Blastoff, featuring new talent Panik is a psychedelic, groovy, uplifting tune, similar to The Alien Panic with Yahel but here the sound is more minimal and harder. Great track that will work in every hour of a party. Moving swiftly to the Final Mission, the third and final remix to On a mission, originally released on Full On 5. This one features Manitu (from 3D Vision)- the track goes along with minor changes (from the original) up to the break where it begins blasting in all directions, I can feel the French power here! My favourite version of the three. Panik is back on track 3 with Little Black Hole, this is a more minimal sounding track and another floor filler, great bassline work as always with the guys. Dominatrix is the typical PsySex track with driving basslines and samples, nice track but my least favorite here. The robotic voice sample they could do without, (I've heard it before in an Infected track), a full on psy squeak nonetheless. Dirty 80's (T5) with Duvdev is very different from the rest of the CD in 'the feel'. The word that comes to my mind is 'Stomping'! There's some old Infected lines in here and we can feel Duvdev's presence taking over right after that break, tweaking the hell out of those filters- the name just goes so well with the track, great.
I have not been a big fan of GMS of late but in combination with Psysex the result is smashing. I love those GMS basslines soaked in the Psysex insanity- a crunchy psy tune that will really rock on the floor, and is already a party hit for a while now. Next up the 2001 remix of Bionic Bong (originally released on Psychedelic Vibes 5 from Phonokol) is not as full on as the original but is a quality track.
What we have coming up is a real gem- Smooth Sailing is my favorite here, going down the Israeli-Scando way with subtle caressing sounds and perfect arrangement. 'Congratulations on 182 days of smooth sailing, and welcome to mars', grooving on light- this one really stands out. Closing this amazing disc is Psysex freestyle project Koopa Troopa with Sunset Boulevard. Bluesy jazzy stuff with a commercial feel. This is XXX rated stuff people! A really perfect soundtrack for ...hey just try it!!

Recomendation:  This is the more mature release from the duo- they're not overusing samples but still managing to innovate and deliver a diverse album with top notch production. The sound is really big and fresh, nice for parties and home listening- I recommend you to get the blastoff!

Favorite tracks:1, 5, 7(!), 8, 9.

Review by : Chaitu

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