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June 19 , 2019
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Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson - Ra He'ya CDS

 ( HOMmega ,  Mar. 2004 )

1. Ra He'ya (original version) 7:18 2. Ra He'ya (PsySex remix) 7:52 3. Ra He'ya (Juvenile remix) 7:42 4. Ra He'ya (J.Viewz remix) 7:13 5. Ra He'ya (Shulman remix) 9:30

On November 2003, the original version of Ra He'ya was released on B-Trance, a compilation by Hommega productions together with Radio BU. Following its release, the track became an instant hit and was played massively on parties all over Israel and the world. Additionally, it helped establishing Sub6 as one of the new rising talents of Israel. As a result of the huge success it was decided to release a remixes CD for this track.

The first track is the original. I didn't like it too much, the structure seemed a bit confused to me. Too much anti-climaxes in my opinion. Now this is where the PsySex remix comes into place- the second track on the CD. PsySex has changed this track into a perfect dancefloor tune. Groove, structure, build-up (even if a bit too long). PsySex know their job. The next remix is another trance remix, this time by Juvenile. The first thing you notice about this track is the combination of the techy groove with the deep bass and the somewhat dreamy atmosphere of the track. It evolves slowly, almost in a progressive manner. A great psychedelic tune, and it has Michele's voice in a shape (I think that's the word that fits here ;)) we didn't hear before. The dancefloor part ends here, and the next remix is by J.Viewz (half of Violet Vision). He turns it into a brilliant collage of ambient, breaks and trance. Closing the CD is the remix of Shulman. This one is a track to dive into, think about it, try to understand it, and then think about again. This is how beautiful music should be made.

Recomendation:  If you can find a copy, buy it! Who knows if there will ever be a reprint of this. Some tracks here will become instant classics and hits. The "box" design could have been better, but the cover art is quite original and nice.
My favorites: 2,3,4,5.

Review by : Mike A

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