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April 21 , 2024
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B Trance- mixed & compiled by DJ Guy Salame

 ( HOMmega ,  Nov. 2003 )

CD1 1. Astrix & DJ HighGuy- Chaos 7:52 2. Sub6 & Michele Adamson- Ra He'ya 7:16 3. Space Cat- Trance Former 8:07 4. Cosma- Yok Yok 7:59 5. PsySex- Dirty 80's (remix) 8:02 6. Black & White- Animaldo 7:44 7. Shulman- Small Gray Creatures (Illumination remix) 7:36 8. PsyCraft- Top Gun 7:38 9. Chakra- Liquid Troll (remix 2004) 8:02 CD2 mixed by DJ Guy Salame 1. Chakra- Liquid Troll (remix 2004) 2. Sub6 & Michele Adamson- Ra He'ya 3. PsyCraft- Top Gun 4. Space Cat- Trance Former 5. Astrix & DJ HighGuy- Chaos 6. PsySex- Dirty 80's (remix) 7. Cosma- Yok Yok 8. Black & White- Animaldo 9. Xerox & Infected Mushroom- Acid Killer 10. Shulman- Small Gray Creatures (Illumination remix)

DJ Guy Salame, AKA DJ HighGuy, compiled and mixed here a showcase of tunes that reflect his taste- happy melodic "hands in the air" full on. Guy has been DJing for long, and been DJing trance for a long time now starting in the underground nature parties of the north of Israel, and ending up (for now...) with his own trance radio show in the popular commercial BU radio station. Being a radio broadcaster for long time now, he's always done his best to give trance a respected place in radio stations he worked for, and this compilation is the peak of his work.

Starting we have a collaboration between Guy & Astrix, anybody who heard the two play wouldn't be surprised at the outcome, a full on melodic and emotional track with the unavoidable energy explosions. Just great. Sub6 & Michele Adamson follow with a track that gives this CD the alternative bit- these guys are always interesting, that's for sure, this one track I don't like so much, though. Space Cat is back with a tight and packed melodic piece of music with an emotional streak going through it. Next is Cosma's Yok Yok- what can I say, I never get tired of hearing the tracks from his last album in any situation, especially not this one with the straight to the heart melody, and "We came here to WORK!". Psysex next with their remix to their track with Duvdev. Nice, but not more. Then a new addition to Hommega's roster- Black & White, Samuel from PPS Project & Yaniv from Electro Sphere. These guys sure have something going there with the raw massive darkish Animaldo. Illumination next with a remix to Shulman's great Small Grey Creatures- headspinning psychedelic full on with the right touch of emotion. PsyCraft next with their already known, but nonetheless, still very effective and enjoyable Top Gun- guitars and singing included. Ending the CD we have a long awaited comeback of Mr. Chakra! Liquid Troll is one of my favorite tracks ever. The remix goes another way completely from the reason it is such a favorite, still it's a deep slow hypnotic track dropping down hard and heavy on your head as only the sound of Chakra can, and that melody still sends shivers down my spine. Massive!

As for the mix CD- just perfect, great mix that flows flawlessly, and will leave you wondering where and when the tracks changed. And you get Acid Killer as a welcomed flash from the past!

Recomendation:  The ultimate melodic full on compilation, might even be Hommega's best full on release since Full On 2! Enough of different sounds to keep it interesting as well. And a great bonus with the mixed CD.
Favorites: 1(!), 4(!!), 6, 7, 8(!), 9(!) & CD2 9.

Review by : Shahar

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