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June 19 , 2024
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Trance Mix 8

 ( Melodia ,  1998 )

1. Xerox & Freeman- Star Wars 8:35 2. Elixir- LFO 8:35 3. Xerox & Freeman- Lemon Head 10:27 4. P.Cok- Liquid Lunch 9:01 5. Maskalin- Bees 8:59 6. Warp- Spacer 7:25 7. Oforia- No Refund 10:00 8. Adrenalindrum- Heartbeat 7:48

When this CD came out it was the newest and best thing around, today it is still a collection of great tracks, beautifully woven together (masterly compiling work by Israel Fichman), to create an amazing trip through the new sound of Israeli trance. A lot of the masters are here, and some of the tracks are musts that you won't find anywhere else.
X&F are here and their presence is strongly felt around. They open the CD with Star Wars (with the sample that comes, I believe, from War of the Worlds)- This is a very powerful opening, the usual full on, full power, X&F style. The second track they have here (Lemon Head- T3) is their favorite with me- I just love that track, very powerful, great party stuff, although I would lose that drumming opening (this one was never released anywhere else). Bees (T5), which also appears on X&F's album- Human Race - was written by Moshe & DJ Lestat (Talamsca) & mixed by Doron Kosovski. It is a real groovy track with great sounds, sound games and buildups. Along the way the track slows down, easing thing up and you're waiting for the next track to appear, and then the music just explodes on your brain and body- just great.
Elixir's track (T2), LFO, (By Christof/Lestat/Mael) is actually French stuff, a dark and psychedelic track, a bit heavy, but somehow fits nice between the two X&F stormers. P.Cok's track (Liquid Lunch, T4) is one of my 3 favorites here (along with Lemon Head & Avi's Spacer)- This is one twisted track, no easy listening here. This is real dark stuff, a frightening distorted sample to start with and a very dark sound to follow. Real psychedelic sounds fly around and all over. The sampling comes again with some drumming, and you think it's going to end it all, but thenů Surprise- a brain crasher! Very trippy stuff (not much of a surprise considering the track's name). Today you can find this track on P.Cok's album Acid Trooper.
Avi Algarnati's track under the name Warp (Spacer- T6) is just great, the usual amazing clear sounds, very grinding and powerful. This is the kind of track that sends you flying around (wherever you are), with those repetitive trancing sounds- my favorite here. Ofer gives us also a powerful track, No Refund (T7), starting with metallic underwater sounds, building up to complete 10 minutes' chaos with Delirious-like melodies and drive.
Har-el finishes the CD with a more relaxed track, sounding almost old (Heartbeat, T8), the usual atmospheric sounds of Har-el, very emotional, beautiful melodic Goa work and a real nice end to a very intensive CD.

Recomendation:  BUY IT! This is probably the best of the Trance Mix series so far, it has the best artists, great new sounds, it is full on and just rocks- way to go Melodia.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 5, 6.

Review by : Shahar

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