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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Eddie Mis

When I heard Eddie's new CD- Playnice- I said to myself that this is a good opportunity to find out a bit more on Eddie Mis, to get to know the person behind the music that did so many things to me. So I made an interview- Eddie's answers were short, shorter than the questions. When I offered him to expand a little, he said that he put a lot of effort and time in the answers, and that to every question you can give a short answer to the point, or a long answer with a long story, and that what matters is the message in the answer, the main point. I accepted. So here are the main points of Eddie Mis (to my questions), and if you sit down and give them some thought, you'll understand better the man behind the creation, leaving long stories and bibliographic facts aside.

So who are you Eddie Mis? It seems that though you are one of the first trancers and electronic music makers in Israel, you somehow kept away from getting exposed and famous like some others that started with you- tell us a bit about yourself?

It all started in the Penguin Club in Tel-Aviv in 1986, I was the resident DJ- playing electronic music (Front 242, Skinny Puppy, etc.), until I discovered the satisfaction in creation. We got together few friends, each brought what he found at home, and slowly slowly, we started making music.

Where you come from, and where are you headed?

I come from the alternate universe on my way to the alternate universe.

Eddie Mis is the name you were born with?

No, Edward Mis, a Transylvanian name.

When and what was your first connection to music? Did you have any musical education?

Disco fever- Abba & Boni-M. My musical education? I'm self-taught, learned it all myself.

What was your first record? What musical styles you passed through on your way to trance?

When I was 12, my father brought home a stereo with some records (he told them at the store to give him the newest stuff they had)- Iron Maiden- Killers, Grace Jones, Soft Cell, and Stars on 45. So right from the start I was exposed to a lot of musical styles and listen to many different types of music. Of course at the time I connected more with heavy metal, young energies. But I also listened to Eurothmics, Yazzo and other stuff. From there I passed through industrial, acid & techno, till I got to trance.

How did you discovered trance, what did it do for you?

Trance I discovered in the alternate universe and it did me a lot of good.


Two of the first trance CD to be released here in Israel were joint projects of yourself and Har-el Prusski- Trans Nova Express (Phonokol) and Trance Mix 3 (Melodia/BMI)- released in 1994. How was it to be a part of creating something that was at that time completely new?

I didn't see it as something new- just as something fun. I know the music was good once I was one with it, then things just went right.

What was the atmosphere in those days?

Naive love.

Then came what is possibly the strongest CD to be released in Israeli trance ever- The Promised Land- with Rami Shapira (Chakra), released in Krembo in 96, and that was responsible together with Astral Projection and Witchcraft for the breakthrough of Israeli trance abroad. What do you think was so strong in this CD, making it still so fresh and relevant today, in a musical genre where everything changes and gets outdated in few months?

A lot of energy was put into The Promised Land, and you can still get the "feel" today. I think that when the magic is there, it's there. When you do something and it's right, it stays. The more you give the more you get.

What have you been doing since then? Apart from a pretty crazy track released in Psychedelic Krembo 4 in '99 you didn't release any music...

I was having a big vacation.

And now after a long time you have a new CD- Playnice- where you cooperate with Lazy B. (who's he?), and some more people, among them some more Israeli trance veterans- Eitan Mahleb and Tal Chone-Alloro. It should be said that this is not a trance CD- how would you define the musical direction of the album- what drew you in that direction?

Lazy B. was the singer in Autograph, my first serious band. Musical direction? I don't want to commit myself to definitions- Playnice has everything, and the thing that drew me to everything is the experience. The direction of this CD is this as this what came out while having fun.

How long did you work on the album? What was the idea behind it (or did it just flow)?

We worked on it since last winter, and it was about flowing.

Tell is a bit about the people involved in the project...

They're all people I respect and love. My friends.

The album has a sort of a winter feel, quite in tune with the time it is released in- is that a coincidence?

No, it was made in winter.

Not a lot of electronic music makers in Israel put lyrics in Hebrew in their tracks- some even told me that Hebrew is just not the right language. The CD has a few tracks with singing and talking in Hebrew- so can you be funky in Hebrew?

Of course you can, you just have to do it.

You have an African element, almost shaman, in a lot of your tracks all along the way, starting with Trip to Africa, through The Mask, and to Lelakek Be Sababi in the new CD- Why? Where does it come from?

From my previous lives.

Tell us a bit about Funtech- is that a one project label or do you have more plans?

Like the name says- it's a project combining fun and technology.

Future plans?

Funtech 2.

Thanks Eddie, keep us grooving!

 Interview by Shahar
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