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February 25 , 2024
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Adrenalin - Take One

 ( Phonokol ,  Mar. 2002 )

1. Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Noise Freak 7:23 2. Zorba feat. Chicago- Into (and thru) the Vortex 7:04 3. Yahel- Tribal Maker 7:47 4. Xerox & Passenger- Free Zone 7:50 5. GMS feat. Chicago- Crack the Whip 6:07 6. Panick- Soul Catcher 6:37 7. Lish- Electric 8:18 8. Twin- Mr. Trinity 8:12 9. Ultima- Deck Lizard 8:12 10. Infected Mushroom- S is Here (Yahel remix) 8:06

We waited quite a long time to see something new from Phonokol, and finally it is here. Adrenalin- Take One is a compilation packed with full-on quality dance floor music from both known and unknown artists.

The CD opens with Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Noise Freak. With the "voices" sample and that rising synth sound it gives an exciting intro for not only the track itself but to the entire album. The melodic touches on some parts of the track give it a very uplifting feeling. The second track is Zorba feat. Chicago- Into (and thru) the Vortex. The beginning resembles that of Zorba's track on Tsunami. The track itself is well built with different parts, breaks, and slow layer buildups. The melodies are quite simple but when there are few melodies on top of each other it gives a really energetic feeling. The following track is Tribal Maker by Yahel (T3). As the name suggests, it is very tribal. For 3 minutes it seems as if Yahel started to produce minimal music, but that's not the case. The full-on clubby melody develops from a mellow background sound to the killer lead sound soon to be replaced by the tribal drumming again. Then again it ends in a beautiful melody. Next are Xerox & Passenger with Free Zone (T4). When listening to it I have a weird feeling of "I've heard it before". This track is an average one with a very Xerox feel for it. I couldn't find where the Passenger touch is, unfortunately. The fifth track is Crack The Whip by GMS and Chicago. The style is much like the previous track on this compilation, but the execution is much better in my opinion. Although this track is a bit repetitive, it is still very interesting and exciting. Panick is here with the sixth track Soul Catcher. This is one of the few tracks I know in which the name fits the track- it definitely has a "soul catching" thing it. A simple yet moving groove and lots of creepy sounds and melodies are contributing to this feeling. The sample is great as well- I liked the effect that was put on it. Then it's Electric by Lish, a nice track with many "stretching" sounds and filter games on the percussion. Twin with Mr. Trinity (T8) is next. Pounding kick and a groovy bassline make this track the perfect mover. I liked the percussion work- it's simple but very interesting. Then its Ultima with Deck Lizard. I did not like this one at all- it's very repetitive and too minimal for me. Nothing happens and it should have been left for a more suitable compilation. The album ends with a remix by Yahel to the remix of the original Where Is S? by Infected Mushroom. This track has a different feeling from the entire album- it's more relaxed. It has a deep clubby style in it, much like Global Warming by GHE, although it is not as dark. It is a nice, spacey track, but it doesn't fit the atmosphere of the CD.

Recomendation:  It looks like an attempt from Phonokol to show us that they are still alive and kicking, and they succeeded in it. A very good compilation, covering many different styles- from minimal to full-on.
My favorites: 1(!), 2 , 3(!) , 6, 8, 10.

Review by : Mike A.

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