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February 25 , 2024
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California Sunshine - Flying Eye Land

 ( MDMA ,  Feb. 2000 )

1. Coming Home 8:08 (DJ Miko/Amir Dvir/Yaniv Shulman) 2. Breaking Through 8:34 (DJ Miko/MFG) 3. Undercover 7:36 (DJ Miko/Har-el Prussky/Nada) 4. Flying Eye Land 8:00 (DJ Miko/Har-el Prussky) 5. Vision 8:05 (DJ Miko/Space Cat) 6. Rocket 8:04 (DJ Miko/Har-el Prussky) 7. Jungle Dream 8:10 (DJ Miko/MFG) 8. Forest 8:32 (DJ Miko/Har-el Prussky) 9. Last Feeling 9:05 (DJ Miko/Har-el Prussky/Juan Verdera)

California Sunshine (CS) are back but with few changes. This is more of DJ Miko's project, where he collaborates with his old partner Har-el, and with few other trance veterans. The CS spirit is still definitely here, and this CD is more in tune with old CS style, though more full power. It also marks a move from Phonokol, where they released their three first CDs to MDMA, a move that may symbolize the change of generations in the Israeli trance scene.

The CD opens with Coming Home, a track that opens Miko's morning sets for a long time now, and which a lot of people were really waiting for. This track, made with Amir Dvir (Luminus) and Yaniv Shulman (Mental Orange), sounds really as if it was taken from the first CS album, Trance. The seagulls sample is of course taken from there, but the spirit of things as well- emotional, happy, nostalgic Goa sounds- nothing new, but just as good and works nevertheless. Then we proceed to the first of the two tracks here that bring us Miko with MFG, Breaking Through (T2). A full on morning stormer with massive MFG sounds. It seems that Miko brings back good memories while working with other artists. A nostalgic journey to old MFG territory but with today's sounds and production. Gotta love it. Undercover (T3), is a team up of CS and Nada. Nada cooperated before with Miko (Travel in Time, in CS-Trance) and with Har-el (Cyber Rock Circus, in Psychedelic Krembo 4). This is a track made by all four of them, the roughest track on this CD, a lot of guitar/guitar-like sounds flying all around, very repetitive, some tribal beats and spooky synth sounds. Flying Eye Land (T4), by Miko and Har-el, is a typically atmospheric CS piece, nice layering with a lot of drive behind. Just close your eyes on this one, and there is so much to see- one of my favorites here. Vision (T5) brings Miko together with Avi Algranati (Space Cat), Avi's beat and drive is there right from the beginning, and the guys deliver an 8 minutes airy, bouncy and groovy tune. Rocket (T6), is very clubby, beginning of the 90's trance, a kind of full on Union Jack style. Would fit well in any Platipus compilation. I would skip this track, though. Jungle Dream (T7), the second track here from Miko and MFG, is not a melodic explosion like the first one. More of the grinding type track, massive full sounds, with the strong MFG driving force, would fit in well with Project Genesis. Another favorite here. Forest (T8), is a bit darker, starting with a mysterious hovering sound, and goes on again with the repetitive atmospheric force that characterizes Har-el's music so much. A very hypnotic real Goa track. Last Feeling with Juan Verdera (The Muses Rapt) closes the CD, it's a different version to the original appearing in Nasha, and to tell you the truth, I don't really understand why they put it here, it was much more in place where it was originally.

Recomendation:  All and all, this is a nice CD. If you're the type who's looking for the newest thing available on our trance planet, then this is not for you. If you're looking for a well produced, atmospheric, melodic, pure Goa sounds- you've found it. California Sunshine lovers (like me) will love most of this one as well. And besides being a goon collection of morning dance tunes, this CD can also serve as a great soundtrack in the background of whatever it is you're doing.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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