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April 21 , 2024
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Another Life

 ( BNE / Hommega ,  Jul. 2002 )

1. Ivri Lider & Idan Raichel- Strong World 5:01 2. Astrix & Lior Miller- Rhythmos 6:10 3. Hi Fi Companions- Swingers in Paradise 7:41 4. Yahel- Feel the Breeze 3:53 5. Oforia- Soil 6:42 6. Violet Vision- Gentle Anarchy 6:06 7. PsySex- Survival Kit (Koopa Troopa’s dub mix) 6:16 8. Hadag Nahash feat. Mazi Cohen- Nobody (remix) 6:06 9. PsyCraft- A Song for You 7:18 10. Cosma- We Are the Same 5:16 11. Zino & Tommy- Ain’t Feel Nothing 3:45 12. Infected Mushroom- Elevation 5:15

BNE & Hommega with a sequel to the great Life Is..., but taking a different direction. This is more relaxed, more accessible, less trancey and less challenging. More an atmospheric relaxing release to sooth the ears and mind- very good for a chilled out weekend afternoon. There's a nice combination here in the artists department of Hommega & BNE's trancey artists slowing their pace, together with some more mainstream Israeli artists, doing something different from their usual stuff (and supplying some of the best tracks here) and two very respectable representatives from abroad.

Ivir Lider & Idan Raichel start with one of the best tracks here, mellow melodies and amazing vocals by an Israeli singer with Ethiopian roots, singing in Amharic in a heart penetrating voice. Then Astrix teams up with Lior Miller (who was part of Angel Tears) delivering a percussion & guitar based tune, with nice hypnotizing rhythm. Hi Fi Companions are Merv Pepler from Eat Static together with Steve Jolliffe of Tangerine Dream, and Swingers in Paradise (T3) takes, not surprisingly, a totally groovy and almost jazzy direction. Excellent. Yahel follows with a short empty piece that does not touch me at all- electronic elevator music. Oforia (T5) continues in the elevator department but succeeds in elevating things- not my kind of music, but done in good taste and soothing the ears. Ofer can make it big in this field. Follows two of the best tracks here, but also where this compilation looses the plot, because they're totally out of place and belong to a different compilation- too hard in sound, totally different atmosphere- they break the story and the experience. Violet Vision prove again that any of their tunes is not to be missed with a Massive-Attack-like tune- tasty for the brain and with the amazing voice of Noa Lamberski. PsySex (T7) with a nice dubby Koopa Troopa version to their hit from UFS 2, but a bit too hard with the sounds for a dub track. Still a nice tune. Hadag Nahash with my favorite here, a remix to their big hit with so much emotion and of course with Mazi Cohen's voice. PsyCraft follow with an excellent relaxing piece, guitars full of emotions included of course, and Cosma continues with more emotion and atmosphere in the same line. Haim Zinovitch is not burned anymore and together with Tommer Biran delivers another excellent piece showing he can make good music and not just commercials. Infected Mushroom end the journey in a beautiful piano tune that really touches me every time, a shame that they didn't use some more electronic music and more interest for the brain to cover it all.

Recomendation:  Excellent tracks here, very good release. If you really wanna maximize it, program it so tracks 4, 6 & 7 are out- and enjoy 6 & 7 in another atmosphere and time. Still one of the more exciting relaxing releases lately.

Review by : Shahar

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