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March 1 , 2021
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Flip Out - mixed by Avi Algranti

 ( Agitato ,  Sep. 2001 )

1. S-Range- Yellow Base 2. Kamasutrance feat. Skylord- Final Fantasy 3. Psysex- Dominatrix 4. Wizzy Noise- The Crow 5. SUN Project- Slap (Necton rmx) 6. Organic Noise- White Noise 7. Delirious- Mushroom God 8. Maskalin- Turtle House

There are two people behind Flip Out: Eliad (Indica) who compiled it and Avi (Space Cat) who mixed it. This compilation brings us the top of the groovy music from already known artists and from new artists. I didn't really like the mixing and the sound of it. The original (unmixed) tracks sound a lot cleaner. A good example for this is Dominatrix which sounds great on Hardcore Blastoff. The cover is great- one of the better covers I have seen lately. But the typos... I have seen this before on different albums and on different labels too, a shame.
First track is Yellow Base by S-Range. It is mostly minimal, but it has a few melodic elements here and there. It doesn't bring us anything new or special, but it's a good track. Great energies towards the end of the track. This track mixes into Final Fantasy by Kamasutrance feat. Skylord. Kamasutrance (Ofir Ben Shitrit) is the name of a trance show on Radio Darom (for southern Israel) hosted by the same man- Ofir Ben Shirit. A good groovy bassline and some bizarre sounds flying all over. I didn't like the samples, though- they sound terrible! The off beat kicks also bother me. Still, this is one of the best tracks in this album. Next are PsySex with Dominatrix (T3) which comes in an absolutely horrifying mix. The sound is bad as well, it sounds a bit "mushy". The track itself is amazing, The best track from their album. HARD kick drum, and a bassline that hits you like little punches. Great sample work- it fits perfectly with the beat. The breaks flow from part to part, just great to put you in the mood for digging. Without doubt the best track on this album. The mix with the fourth track is not good as well. It sounds like another track got mixed in between for a few seconds, and after that comes Wizzy Noise with The Crow (T4). This is not one of my here. It's pretty boring and repeating itself. It develops from part to part too slow. A good thing I can say about it is that it has transpositions- a rare thing these days. The fifth track is the Necton remix for S.U.N. Project's Slap. This track is definitely one of the best here. It doesn't develop a lot but there is something great in it- I can't really point it out. The typical Necton sound is here too, and nice delay effects. Simply amazing. The following track is White Noise by Organic Noise. It's a bit hard to get used to it because it's not as bassy as the previous tracks. I find it, like The Crow, quite boring. I didn't like the background sounds at all. The second half after the break is much better, with those little buzzing sounds. The next track is Delirious- Mushroom God (T7). I liked it a lot- it's an excellent track, the most melodic track on the CD- more than a few melodic lines and great strings. A perfect combination between minimal and melodic. The drum sequence is constantly evolving and changing. The last track (which also doesn't mix too well) is probably the worst track here in my opinion, Maskalin's Turtle House. The whole part with the floaty sounds in the beginning I really don't like. Some of those sounds keep repeating throughout the track. Sometimes it seems that the only change is bringing the hi-hats in and out all the time. It closes the album in a bad taste for me, unfortunately.

Recomendation:  In conclusion, this is an average compilation. Not average tracks, average compilation. It has some great tracks but also bad ones. This CD is only good getting if you still don't have the good tracks or you want them mixed. My favorites: 1, 2, 3(!), 5(!), 7(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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