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March 1 , 2021
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Full On 7- on a rush

 ( HOMmega ,  Mar. 2004 )

1. Duvdev- Now is the Time 145bpm 6:46 2. Astrix & DJ Dimitri- Evox 143bpm 7:06 3. Domestic Eskimo- A Lession in Session 144bpm 8:38 4. Xerox & Illumination vs. Sandman- Resolution 145bpm 7:20 5. Hujaboy- Just A Sec 142bpm 7:21 6. Black & White- 20 for 7 145bpm 6:52 7. PsySex- Survival Kit (Sub6 remix) 142bpm 8:06 8. Intelabeam- Loco Motive 145bpm 6:28 9. Oforia- Instant Food 144bpm 8:45 10. Astrix- Life System (Delirious remix) 145bpm 8:23

The long awaited seventh chapter of Hommega's Full On series is finally here.
It opens with a solo track by Duvdev of Infected Mushroom fame. Not a very good track in my opinion- too repetitive and empty, even though it has a clear Infected sound. Duvdev's voice has quite a bad accent which makes it sound less powerful than it should be. The second track is a collaboration between Astrix and DJ Dimitri. The result is quite surprising, and I'm curious about how much was Dimitri involved, since it is not what Astrix makes usually. Anyway, the track is really good. Some may even call it progressive, and it is a combination of progressive with full on actually. Twisted acidic lines, groovy lines and a "killer" sample are sure to make this a floor hit. Eskimo joins Domestic for the next one, A Lession in Session. This is one psychedelic track which gives you food for both mind and body. Number 4 is a surprise- Sandman! Itzik Levi joins Xerox and Illumination to produce Resolution, a track that reminds me of old times when Goa style was still alive and kicking. Track 5 is Hujaboy- Just A Sec. A bit boring and disappointing at start but it soon evolves into a smashing track, with great feeling and melodies. Black & White is probably the biggest surprise of this compilation. I knew they were good, but not that good! 20 for 7 is a masterpiece of groove, melodies, sounds and emotions. I'm really looking forward for their album, which should be released later this year. Next is a remix by Sub6 to PsySex's Survival Kit, originally released on UFS 2. Sub6 show their sound manipulation skills and creative originality to turn this track into an interesting dancefloor material full of groove potential. Intelabeam's Loco Motive is another favorite here, with brilliant melodies and great structure which just makes you wanna move! Getting near the end, Instant Food is another track by the old time veteran Ofer Oforia. This track was somewhat of a disappointment, I was expecting more of Ofer's unique metallic style but it seems like he changed it to a more popular style. Nonetheless, the track is still well produced. Closing the album is a great remix by Delirious to Life System by Astrix, released on his album originally. This remix takes this track into a different direction. No more cheesy-child style, but a well produced, energized and beautiful track.

RecomendationHommega has proven (to me that is) that they are the best label in existence today releasing dancefloor oriented, full on, music. A must buy for every listener and DJ.
My favorites: 2(!), 3, 4(!), 5, 6(!!), 7, 8(!), 10.

Review by : Mike A

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