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February 25 , 2021
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PsyCraft - Gravitech

 ( HOMmega ,  Jun. 2001 )

1. Life in Mono (intro) 3:05 2. Night in Kopenian 138bpm 8:11 3. Bizarre rmx 141bpm 7:22 4. S.O.S 145bpm 7:46 5. Illegal Overdose 148bpm 7:46 6. Hypnotic M-S-G 148bpm 8:17 7. Dream On 140bpm 8:23 8. Born Evil 142bpm 7:21 9. Partial Recall 136bpm 7:40

This is PsyCraft's debut album, after waiting a very long time. The result is very good- the album is interesting and refreshing. I was disappointed to get only 66 minutes of music on the album (like on many other albums). This is such a waste! Some tracks are digging tracks, while others are chill-out and listening tracks. There is also a very beautiful cover art made by Tzahi - Dreamer.

The album opens with a 3-minute intro track - Life in Mono. Unlike the track's name suggests, this is probably the track which has the most stereo effects in the whole album. Jumping stretching noises, breakbeats, and a speech. The sounds in here define the PsyCraft style, which will follow us throughout the entire album. Everything you need in an intro. Night In Kopenian (T2) starts the CD with a positive feeling. Little melodic lines going around the stereo field, lots of delay effects, which contribute to the spacey feeling. It's not exactly psychedelic- deep is the word to describe it. The third track is Bizzare Rmx (the original can be found on the old Forum compilation from Big Foot, under the name Cybel). The track has a very groovy bassline and guitars all over. This is not your usual guitar track- no distorted power guitars here. Instead you get nice spacey guitar solos. Following this track is S.O.S (T4). A bit of a scary track- justifies the name. Pounding kick drum, aggressive bassline and stretching sounds. Some parts of this track get even dark at some sections. What I didn't like about it, are the breaks, they get a little boring. Things speed up to 148 bpms with Illegal Overdose (T5). Flowing melodic lines, and lots of samples going left and right in the speakers. Here we see for the first time in this album how PsyCraft makes the sounds more resonating and screaming- really nice effect. The strings and pads "smear", giving a really psychedelic feel to it. The next track is Hypnotic M-S-G (T6). The two kick-drums in the start could have been left out, they don't fit. The groove consists of many elements- raising samples such as the ones in Beat Manifesto (with BLT on UFS2), all sorts of weird and funny percussions, and lots of wooshes. As the track progresses the bassline gets more and more punchy, getting really bizzare-sounding near the end. The break in the middle is very spooky followed by hypnotizing sounds. We reduce speed and get more relaxed with Dream On (released on Israliens 2), the seventh track. Here we see PsyCraft's melodic guitars again. Sometimes it's psychedelic, sometimes it's jazzy, but it's always great to hear those guitars. The drumming is almost industrial sounding- the twisted background sounds add to that feeling. The beat is constantly evolving to make sure this track never gets boring. This is definitely one of the best tracks on the album. Born Evil (T8) isn't that evil. There are a lot of spacey sounds in here, but the track is quite boring: bad breaks, repeating sounds. Not their best. Finally the ninth track, ending the album is Partial Recall. The slowest track on the album, but it has lots of energies in it. We hear the PsyCraft guitar one more time, with more power, and lots of resonating sounds going up and up, then dropping and going up again.

Recomendation:  This is a great debut album for PsyCraft. You can see that a lot of work, time and effort have been put into making this album. Although they could have done better in some places, this album is pretty good and I recommend it.

Favorite tracks:1, 3(!), 6, 7(!), 9(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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