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December 10 , 2018
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PsySex - Come in Peace

 ( HOMmega ,  Sep. 2003 )

1. Intro 1:14 2. New Wave Hooker 7:20 3. Come in Peace 8:23 4. Altered States (coco loco mix) 7:33 5. High Times 5:57 6. Puzzle (the final piece) 7:34 7. Flying Saucers 7:11 8. Return to the Vortex 7:22 9. Soda Pop 8:36 10. Come in Peace (reprise) 5:39 * bonus video: Survival Kit (Koopa Troopa's dub mix)

PsySex are back with their third album, and this time they're coming to conquer earth! After a very successful (and excellent in my opinion) second album, the duo takes a step forward in terms of production. Their sound is very electric, hypnotizing and above of all- groovy to the bone.

The intro starts with this vintage vinyl sound and a speech: "Welcome to the wonderful world of sex... sex... sex...". It quickly morphs into a groovy array of sounds, percussion and alien-invasion samples. A countdown in multiple languages leads us to the next track (blends in so well, made me think that it's the same track and then confused me when looking at the track list!). New Wave Hooker is the real intro for the album. The track itself takes almost 2 minutes to begin and it has endless pumping buildups and quite a lot of hypnotizing moments. After the hooker is done with the deed, the alien invasion begins. They claim they come in peace, but the radio reports says the opposite. Come in peace is a track packed with extraterrestrial samples and sounds in it and a story sure to make you jump around. Next one is the coco-loco mix to Altered States (originally released in Think Sync). Lots of psychedelic stretching sounds in here- this one can sure cause mayhem on the dancefloor. High Times is a very exciting track for the dancefloor, although in my opinion it's quite a weak one compared to the rest of the album. The final piece to Puzzle (originally on Israliens 4) is a well built track, original sounds and an amazing sample: "We have to see, we have to know". The answer doesn't come any late, and the answer is: Hardcore Plastoff! Flying Saucers reminds me of their previous album which make me fall in love instantly with the track. BPM is lower, the groove is higher and the people are happier. Return to the Vortex returns to the current style of the album, fast, full on, and psychedelic as hell. Soda Pop ends the trance part of this album with the Hardcore Blastoff taste. It just proves you don't need the standard formula to make a good track. After the digging, we need some rest and it comes in the form of an ambient remix to Come in Peace. Hypnotizing, airy strings and choirs which make you just float.
The bonus video on the CD (mpg format) is a remix to Survival Kit from UFS 2, under the name Koopa Troopa which is the duo's freestyle project. The video itself is some sort of a creation, genesis- by cranes. The music that accompanies it, although I can't call it dub, is quite "genesisial" as well.

Recomendation:  : It's hard for me not to compare this album with Hardcore Blastoff, which was, in my opinion, a masterpiece. This album is different. First of all, it tells a story. Second of all, it's much more "modern" in style. Is that good or bad? Depends on your personal taste. I myself enjoyed it, although it had its repetitive and boring parts, but the good tracks just cover for them in a perfect way.
My favorites: 1+2, 3, 6- 9.

Review by : Mike A

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