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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Beat Hackers

Beat Hackers is a young and promising act from Be'er Sheva in the south of Israel. Miki was the first one that I met, and he took me to their studio, where I also met Guy. Their studio is a tiny room, a drum set, some synths, a computer, wooden walls with sponges on them and unfortunately, a non-functioning air conditioner. Guy and Miki make full on. We went together to an after party where PsyCraft (Also a Be'er Sheva act, they even made a track together- on the new PsyCraft album- New Moves) performed, I asked them about it.

Guy: We'd like to do progressive and we even started with it, but as soon as we switched to full on, we got booked all over the world and success followed. This is the mainstream, and this is what the crowd wants.

Miki kept reminding me during the party that the party we were in rocks, and full on is really something for the floor. To be honest, it was quite a good party. We met at their studio the next day.

Tell me about yourselves.

Guy: I started working on music with Eyal Lutati (Cobweb), about 2 years ago. I met Miki at a party. We talked about music, and we decided we should make a track together. The first track was Smoke, released in USTA mix by DJ Zoo-B. Everything went well so we decided to work together.

Miki: I've been listening to music all of my life. I started listening at the age of 12, DJing, parties at school. I started working with Guy, and that was the beginning.

Guy: And I love him!

How did you end up making trance?

Guy: Ever since I was making music, it was trance. I used to play guitar, drums & the organ. I started doing computers, Cubase. We were making trance and general electronic music.

Miki: Same thing. I was studying guitar for 4 years, and then I started making trance as well.

How's Be'er Sheva as a city for producing trance?

Miki: Good, and I hope it will get better. Be'er Sheva wasn't always dominant in trance, but it's getting stronger now.

What effect does the distance from the center has?

Guy: It's not good, because as everyone knows, there is only one club in Beer Sheva- The Forum. On the other hand, in Tel-Aviv there are about 10-15 clubs, more places to play in. There are also a lot more artists living there, so you can get help from them. In Be'er Sheva, it's much less.

Tell us about your new album- System Error.

Miki: We worked on it for about a year and a half. We started working in a bit more proggy direction, not full on at all. But then we decided that we should try full on. We've been working for a lot of time, and the outcome is very good.

Don't you think that you can be categorized as an imitation of Infected Mushroom?

Guy: I don't think we should be afraid of that, it's more of a compliment. Our inspiration is taken partially from Infected Mushroom, it's also Sub6, Astrix, PsyCraft, Simon. It's a combination of some and that's what we wanted to achieve.

Miki: For us, Infected are the top in Israel. A really good project.

Who helped you in creating the album?

Miki & Guy: PsyCraft- Alon & Nir, Astrix, Amit & Erez (Infected), Gidi Hovek Olam, Jorg. Some more people, family, friends, my Guy's dog.

So why exactly did you change to full-on?

Miki: We have come to the conclusion that this is what is being heard today, this is what people like. We have tried to make a different type of full on, so it won't be like everyone. We have tried to put some style in it, so people won't call it commercial full on, like everyone does.

If everyone changes to full on because it's the mainsteam, how does it affect you, and the scene?

Guy: It goes like this. Everyone who starts making trance today starts with Astrix-type commercial full on. But not everyone who tries to make full on succeeds in it. Not necessarily. When everyone makes full on, and 95% of music is full on, it doesn't really matter.

Miki: If you take some full on, some progressive, some other directions, it'll be good. I believe that if everyone will make his own style instead of imitating, it will be better. People should try something new.

Your opinion on commercialism?

Miki: I don't love it that much.

Guy: It has it good points and bad points.

Miki: If it becomes too commercial, then it's disgusting in my opinion.

You've just returned from a tour. How was it?

Miki: End of the road!

Guy: Al ha kefak! We were a month ago in Brazil and 2 weeks ago in Japan. Jorg invited us to play in a Shiva Space Japan party. How was it? Totally insane!

How's the financial situation? Working?

Miki: I work, we do a lot of work in the studio- that's what interests us at the moment. We do not study.

What's your opinion about the fact that everything today is a "killer"?

Miki: It may sound funny - but that's what we do now. Trying to change a bit. It's good to hear people say it, though.

Guy: Listen, the first album it full on so we can get a name and people will recognize us at parties. In my opinion, the second album will be more artistic- lower the BPM. Invent something new.

Tell us about the Beat Hackers live performance.

Guy: We got 2 laptops, a guitar.

Miki: A virus, Nord Lead.


Miki: Not yet.

Guy: I'm on the keyboard, Miki on the guitar. Each man on a laptop, running effects, Cubase, Reason, it all flows.

What do you prefer, to sit and work in the studio, or perform?

Miki: Both. I love doing studio work, but you wish to perform.

Guy: You start with making music, buying gear, working and you hope to end up performing.

Any special projects for the future?

Miki: We want to do something special, ambient with unique instruments. Try something that hasn't be done before.

Guy: Maybe electronic rock, vocalist...

Whom would you like to work with in the future?

Guy: Number one, Simon Posford!

Miki: Astrix, Infected, PsyCraft, with whom we have already worked, and would like to do more. Sub6... That's our most wanted list.

How do you see music? as your career?

Miki: Of course it's a career, although we can't know where we'll be 30 years from now.

Guy: I hope I can come with my kids to a party where I'm playing in.

How does your family consider the fact that you're not going to be doctors?

Miki: They know we love it, they support us. We work on it all day, sometimes at night. They help.

Guy: We have their full support. The studio is here at home, and it's a lot of noise, really a lot. They see that we're successful so we got their support at 100%.

Tell us of the studio schedule.

Miki: I come back from work, go to Guy and we start working. Day, night, whenever there's something to do.

Guy: Sometimes it's me alone, sometimes Miki. We're at the studio every day. There is no such thing as no studio work.

Any advice for beginners?

Miki: Start- do, but think of your own style. Stop imitating, enough!

Guy: That's right!

Anything else?

Guy: Thanks to everyone that helped, all the guys at Hommega & USTA.

Miki: Everybody knows, especially the families.

 Interview by Mike A
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