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February 24 , 2024
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A Taste of Trust in Trance vol. 1

 ( T.I.T. / Nova Tekk ,  1997 )

1. Astral Projection feat. DJ Jorg- Mahadeva 9:26 2. Power Source- Goaway 9:01 3. MFG- Magnetic Activity 7:30 4. California Sunshine- Alala 9:03 5. Mystica- Expose- 7:05 6. Nada- Transparent Future 8:44 7. Shidapu- Paradise 5:19 8. Aban Don- State of Mind 7:12 9. SFX- Y-Salem 9:26

This is a collection of great tunes from the early Phonokol/Trust In Trance releases. All can be found on other CDs, but this is a real fun compilation and just a good collection of tunes. It really gives the spirit of the times when Israeli trance started to really leave its mark on trance music, changing it forever.

Mahadeva, Astral Projection featuring DJ Jorg, is a classic track and a great opener for this CD. We heard this track so many times, that it's just hard to put what it does to us into words- beautiful full on AP melodies, great melodic lines, driving you on and on, and that great Mahadeva sample- so happy like only old Astral track can be- Ohm Nama Shivaya!

Goaway (Also on Goa Vibes 3 and on EP from Matsuri) is a relentless pounding track and a classic Goa trance anthem. Power Source deliver a very happy track with very full sounds and great melodies, including a great melodic build up that will make you jump and cry of happiness at the same time. This track has that emotional optimistic atmosphere about it, bringing you the nostalgic feeling of the good old days. It definitely shows you the way to Goa and teaches you the Goa way.

Magnetic activity, from MFG's first album (The Prophecy), is one of the strongest tracks ever made, it enters in a loud bang of the bass drum beat that bangs at you accompanied by brushing melodies until the melodic shift- "Total Eclipse!". From there this track just builds up to the most massive and powerful entrance ever made in trance music- an entrance that will just grind you down and send people digging in the ground. All that surrounded by waves of massive synths and little psychedelic droplets- sounds that are simply wonderful. One of the all times favorites.

Then comes California Sunshine's Alala (T4), from their first album. Shamanic sampling and grinding repetitiveness going up and down, a lot of layering of synth lines, coming and going all the time- just relentless and with a powerful buildup to send you flying around- a real tribal dance!

Mystica's Expose (T5), in the first of three tracks to follow that are taken from Israeli Psychedelic Trance vol. 1. This track starts us off with eagle cries and quick beat, very Goa soundtrack, uplifting build-ups and an overall energetic feel- quick and bouncy. Transparent Future (T6) by Nada is a bouncy minimalistic track, in which the beat, pounds steadily and the melody develops slowly all the way through the track, like a giant build up. It all begins again after a nice beat break in the middle. A very hypnotic typical Nada track- sure to hypnotize you into a trance state of mind.

Paradise by Shidapu (T7) has one of the best ever grooves, a funky feel and interesting beat changes, especially the eastern groove from min 3.30, followed by another beat explosion.

Two old tracks end this CD. The first from Aban Don, State of Mind (T8- taken from Trust In Trance 2), starts with a weird sampling, an almost industrial start, but soon the melodies start creeping inside, and then comes these musical laser beams and the sliding surfing melodies- a beautiful old times stormer.

SFX's Y-Salem, originally on Trust In Trance 1(and dedicated to a friend who died on a motorcycle accident in India), is a very light and mellow track, with caressing melodies going up and down, back and forth, very relaxing beat- very emotional and just beautiful.

Recomendation:  A compilation that was made of classic TIT tracks from the first three years for Europe- a collection of great classic tracks- really fun to listen to and full of emotions and happiness.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9.

Review by : Shahar / GuyShanti

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