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February 25 , 2024
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Full On vol. 4 - Psy2k

 ( HOMmega ,  Feb. 2000 )

1. Infected Mushroom- Psycho (live mix) 6:57 2. Passenger- The Race 7:19 3. Yahel & I.Zen- Waves of Sound (edit) 7:14 4. MFG- Tsunamillenium 7:19 5. Psysex- The Evil Turkeys (censored version) 6:30 6. Xerox feat. Passenger- Angel Kaya 7:57 7. Freeman- Just Making Noise 8:08 8. Green House Effect- My Old School 8:04 9. Xerox & DJ Goblin- Highly Classified Project 6:54

The fourth in great Full On series from Hommega is here, and full on it is, right from the start. The CD opens with the ultimate morning track- the much-awaited Psycho remix, first time on CD. This track alone is worth any CD, Infected Mushroom at their best. Before you can gather your senses (and limbs) from that one, comes The Race, Passenger's immense bass is here, but all I can really say about this one is: clear your surroundings from possible obstacles, full volume, and off you go! I think this is the most massive opening I heard in a trance CD ever.
Follows Wave of Sound (T3), by Erez and Yahel, a combination of psychotic sound with housey, larger than life, lines. Maybe it's a new genre- 'psychedelic club trance'- not to my taste really, though the beginning of this track can take you places- maybe a remix?
Straight from the lost & found department Hommega presents: MFG! This track (longest one word track name ever?) is spooky, yet full power, hypnotic with amazing sounds that just give you goose bumps. It has the same psychedelic drive as Psychic Resonator (Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. III), and promises a lot for the future from these guys. Good to have you back!
Follows the censored version of The Evil Turkeys (the original appears on Psysex's Expressions of Rage). Censored, meaning, without most of those funny samples that marked the original. The beginning of Hot Butter's Pop Corn melody is still here, and more obvious, and while your mind keeps humming the rest, the track hits you from other directions. I like this track, but the original even better. Most DJs would probably find this version easier to use in parties, though.
Angel Kaya (T6), a second cooperation between Xerox and Passenger, is already making waves in parties. It starts jumpy and bumpy, then, in the classic Xerox formula comes the crash, with Passenger's booms, and powerful emotional melodic lines. There is nothing new here really, but it does the work, the smile will be smeared all over your face at the right moment.
After that Freeman is just making noise (T7), but very nice noise indeed. Heavier sounds and beats here. I love the almost industrial beginning and end, lovely metal and water psy-effects, grinding and driving bass line, and an atmospheric background-melody ending.
When I first heard Itzik Levi's (here as Green House Effect) track (T8), I thought to myself that it really sounds like his old stuff- then I read the name- My Old School- and it made sense. This is a nice track, but feels a bit out of place here. Must say though, that Sandman's music always sounds different to me.
Ending this full on compilation are Xerox and Goblin, slowing us down in Highly Classified Project (from Freestyle), sending us back to the past. As to be expected you'll find here great sampling, beautiful melodies, and also funky and almost jazzy elements. The end of this track will just make you smile till your jaws hurt. A classic one for chilled morning moments. As I wrote before a full on mix for this one would be a killer (maybe on Full On 5?).

Recomendation:  More in tune with the spirit of Full On 2, this CD delivers what it promises exactly. We have here nine full on tracks, from the cream of Israeli trance artists, doing their thing, some interesting team-ups, some old quality sounds, and some new ones. In short, full on!

Favorite tracks:1(!!), 2(!), 4, 5, 7, 9.

Review by : Shahar

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