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February 28 , 2024
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Mental Case

 ( Beats & Pieces ,  Mar. 2004 )

1. Vibrasphere- Purple Floating (Cosma remix) 7:49 2. BLT- Clear Vision (PsyCraft remix) 7:09 3. Onyx- Red Meat (redmix) 8:18 4. Electro Sphere- Blanko 7:13 5. Rinkadink- Kabooki Boom 6:49 6. Exaile- Experience 7:45 7. Evil Drug Lords- Resonance 8:41 8. Nes vs. Mr. Peculiar- Graffiti 7:03 9. Zen Mechanics- Have A Good One 10:20

To begin this review, one must comment on the cover artwork and the title. A disturbingly amusing picture of a mental patient in what seems to be a padded room (actually speakers) with a doctor behind him observing. The patient has a helmet that is connected to his own back feeding on images from his own mind to himself.... like an endless feed of hallucinations. the inside of the cd is amusing to anyone who likes to get stuck on details... you can read the "admission form" of the patient with all the deliria described in detail.

Case #1.Vibrasphere - Purple Floating (Cosma remix) - The name says it all, I had a grave feeling entering this track, sort of respect to the dead. What a massive feeling this track has. The intro to it is around 1:15 minutes then from the atmosphere rises the deep profound Cosma base and kick combo. This track is massive by any definition, development and mood feel it. Floating is correct here, Vibrasphere elements all but gone, this is a serious track, with lots of emotion in it.

Case #2. BLT - Clear Vision (Psycraft remix) - Unfortunately I don't live in Israel, this is a shame since I don't get to hear Yuli's music too often at all here at NYC. Lucky for me this track is now released to the public with an extra bonus - Psycraft remixed it! I think this is the definition of a true remix folks, what we have here is a hypnotic track, which builds with beautiful melodies. You can really hear that Psycraft are serious musicians, not to mention their 2nd album is excellent as well. This remix is using the BLT sounds in a great arrangement with the addition of their own riffs and melodies. 145 BPM yet it doesn't feel like it all. Hypnotic samples that become the melody in a sense... very cool track.

Case #3. Onyx - Red Meat (redmix) - slowing it down in BPM doesn't mean thee drive is slower, this is the first track on this compilation with a more aggressive nature. Quirky samples from what sounds like "Requiem to a Dream". Rolling baselines are constant here this track is pushing forward at every point never looking back, I'm sure it will do well on the dance floor. Great sample at 3:49 - "if this is red... then I want to know... what's green?" I lose this track for a minute and then get back into around 6:40 very good climax Yanniv.

Case #4. Electro Sphere - Blanko - Somebody answer the phone already... :) maybe I need some more of those red pills the nurse subscribed me. Ok, if you thought Onyx's track was going be for full on, then you're in for a treat this cd is starting to cook... rolling baselines into rolling baselines, awesome effects and mind-bending sounds that are squeaking inside my head and might make me a true mental case. I like this track, it's inventive and smart. Some woman's voice shouting at me, and then the collapse... and of course the expected buildup with a mean comeback of that base. Awesome track! Quite aggressive.

Case #5. Rinkadink - Kabooki Boom - If you read my last review of Rinkadink, you will know ahead of time I'm biased in favor of. A short time to relax from the last track and then "Kooki Kabooki boom boom" :) we get on our way right away, deeper into the dementia of the mental patient... I'm imagining these sounds visually though the helmet feed on my head. They are coming from every point around my head, into my ears. Great job here, what trippy samples, what trippy sounds, wicked evil, sinister, but groovy and fun.... like the mean smirk I have on my face right now.

Case #6. Exaile - Experience - Between all the compilations I have been getting lately, I have been salivating for Exaile on most of them. What I like about them, is that they set themselves apart from the Chemical Crew sounds and have their own style within... This track however starts with the patented Chemical Crew build yet the BPM is not 145, its 142, uncharacteristic. At 2:18 the baseline explodes. But we return to the intro baseline for a bit and then it really gets going. This track had me going and stopping a bit too much, I expected more...

Case #7. Evil Drug Lords - Resonance - What a great kick this track has, wow! I can't get over it, so tight and punchy... staying in the dark realms from the previous track, this track takes it time to show us what it's got. its worth the wait ladies and gents... I don't know if anyone makes this kind of music in Israel today, this is simply amazing... very massive and dark, heavy and electrical... cool voocoder use on the breaks, sounds very European but... better ;) very driven track full of sawing sounds.

Case #8. Nes vs. Mr. Peculiar - Graffiti - collaboration between Nissim Gabay and Mr. Peculiar should be interesting. Spray paint effects and shaking going around... lots of effects on a comical baseline! :) We are deep into the deliria, I don't need the helmet anymore, and I see visions without trying anymore. famous synth "oy ay yay oy" sounds this is a great morning track, I would love to hear it while dancing my butt of somewhere outside, I can see everyone smiling already... building synths and happy insanity is brewing prepare to fly!

Case #9. Zen Mechanics - Have a Good One - this track is 10:20 long... slowing things down for the grand finale at 140... This morning floater is starting its glide. Not rushing anywhere adding, taking away, and creating a mood and a special vibe. This is another morning glory track I think there is no way to have this track less then 10 minutes.. It wouldn't finish telling its story, worse, you wouldn't get to the final destination of the cd. The track ends in a thank you... no no, THANK YOU!

If you pay attention, you will notice that each track was specially crafted for this cd, not just assembled out of a pool of tracks... each track has a mental head case sample or samples in it, they are all trippy... there is also fabulous arrangement in the order of this compilation, it is so crucial and often overlooked. I see this cd staying in my dj case for some time, whipping out tracks from it to either punish or uplift the dance floor...
And oh, I don't know if you noticed, but you are the mental case if you can dig this one ;)

Congrats to BNP. Let this be the beginning of something majestic to come.


Tracks for dance floors/dj's - All

Tracks for home listening - All

Favorite tracks - 1,2,4,5,7,8

Overall score - 9/10 - True substance here, fresh concepts, no recycling, no fillers, quality thoughtful samples, innovative production and crafty pick of artists.

Review by : Gadi Vered

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