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May 19 , 2024
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Voojoo Rituals - mixed by DJ Gidi Hovek Olam

 ( Cosmophilia ,  Apr. 2000 )

1. Domestic Mushroom- Scotch 2. Passenger- The Race 3. BLT- Lemon (Psycraft rmx) 4. Darksoho- Madness 5. Satlanation & DJ Gidi- Bassology 6. DJ Goblin & Talamasca- Creatures From Outer Space (Interactive mix) 7. BLT- Fluffer 8. Infected Mushroom- Look At Me 9. Psycraft- Wild 19

DJ Gidi (Hovek Olam) brings us a collection of tunes from the new generation of Israel's psy artists, the present and the future of Israeli trance. Apart from one track they're all unreleased, and apart from that same one, perfectly mixed.

The CD opens with a meeting of minds between Erez Eizen (Infected Mushroom, Shidapu) and Ido Ophir (Domestic), under the name Domestic Mushroom. The last thing that had both names signed on, was Shidapu's Stay Strong (Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. 1). A lot has passed since, and it shows on this track. Very Infected in sound, dark at start, opens up later, and goes up with an Infected melody to end it. I'm afraid I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting more from this. Anyway, it is a nice opener for this CD. Then comes The Race (T2), the only released track here (Full On 4), Passenger's immense bass, massive sounds, and racing cars, leaving burned rubber smell behind them. This is what fullpower means. But, this track is somehow a bit out of place here, and the mix between the first two tracks just doesn't sound right. After that comes Psycraft's remix for BLT's Lemon (the original on Psychedelic Krembo 4)- a happy full on mix that automatically brings a smile to your face after one minute of music, great morning track. Darksoho follow with Madness (T4)- Rage Against the Machine trance! Ramming bass, psychedelic scratches, spooky melody, and then the massive electric guitars, simply gotta say: madness it is! This track is sure to cause chaos in parties every time. Satlanation (aka Gorlation Corporation) with our host DJ Gidi, bring us a track full of drums and percussion games, electronic whips, flying psy effects and a continuous powerful drive. A beautiful dark and intelligent full on night track. Goblin & Lestat follow (T6). This track appeared originally on Children of the Doc 12", this is a new mix, and it's a classic Goblin work with great basslines, the usual full on journey of psychedelic scratches, tweaks and squeaks, a crazy metallic Oforia-like sounds, and driving metallic melodies to top it all. One of my favorites here, and one of my favorite Goblin tracks. Then it's BLT time again with Fluffer (T7), nothing fluffy here- hard weird twisted track, open music with flying sounds, that is somehow closing on your brain, and the psychotic "slowly" sample repeating again and again and squeezing your mind juices. On the verge of abuse- I love it. It's Infected Mushroom time again with Look At Me (T8)- more in tune with The Gathering, starting with massive jumpy drumming and opening up to caressing mysterious shroomy melodies- beautiful melodic work! Another great track to make your party mornings from these guys. Ending the compilation are Psycraft with Wild 19- a spooky and airy track that shows how much potential these guys have. I just really feel that these execution samples are out of place though, a bit childish and just distracts me from the music, I mean, do we need executions in our parties? Finally, gotta say a word about the new casing for the CD, something I've never seen before- you press a button and the CD jumps out! Nice one Gidi!

Recomendation:  DJ Gidi delivers a nice piece of diverse and interesting full on Israeli trance music journey. Some great tracks here that really make it worth having this one.

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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