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February 25 , 2021
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 ( BNE ,  Jul. 2005 )

1. Time Lock feat. June Rashava- Un:balanced 6:50 2. Atomic Pulse & Star-X- Planet X 7:44 3. Oforia- Northern Lights (GMS rmx) 7:57 4. Infected Mushroom- Shakawkaw (Vibe Tribe rmx) 7:45 5. Silent Hill- Dance FX 7:50 6. Violet Vision- Cellophane (Sub6 & Domestic rmx) 8:14 7. Echotek- Time Stops 7:17 8. Quantum- AWake 6:55 9. Fatali- Lucid Dreams 6:38 10. Basic- Master System 9:03

Yoyo/BNE is one of my favorite labels, being responsible for the Infected Mushroom, Cosma, Space Cat, Violet Vision and many more quality releases, so I always have a big expectative when a new BNE release arrive at my mailbox. The album comes in a nice folder and the cover is red with some cyber spermatozoids, I really didn't catch the concept they tried to transmit. There is no mention anywhere to the BPMs or times of the tracks.

Let's listen to the music: The first track is very well done, nice bass and track structure, new tricks and the usual Time Lock quality. I like it, the vocals add a little of cheese, so I cut half of them by break
mixing the track, since it makes me fly on a nice morning set. Next track is more technical, a powerful collaboration between the veteran Atomic Pulse and Star X (T2). I like the track structure with many tinny layers of sounds, it develops naturally and the samples have just the enough dose of effects. And it's psychedelic as well, one of my favorites. We keep jumping with a GMS remix to Oforia(T3), which in my opinion is much better them the original. Oforia's original have good ideas, but somehow lacks power and bit more of development. One thing I can say about Riktan & Bansi is that they are very good to recognize a potential and explore it, that exactly what they did with this track, creating a cutie monster. This track is already being played all around the world and the sample is right: it sets the dance floor "Out of Control". And the dance floor mayhem continues with the long waited remix to the Infected Mushroom freestyle masterpiece Shakawkaw. Vibe Tribe twisted the melodies and samples to create one of the best morning tracks ever, even Infected Mushroom plays it on their Live Act, there's nothing else to say, it's my favorite here and the best remix since Psysex - Survival Kit (Sub6 rmx). I wish I could take a breath after this session of stompers, but it seems I can't, because Silent Hill arrives with an arsenal of twisted ideas and effects(T5), this is another
well built piece of psychedely. Again the samples add a little cheese to the overall concept, but much less than the first track and they got the right amount of effects, making me sing along. Suddenly I'm hit by
really fast and joyful track, I recognize the samples: it's Cellophane from Violet Vision. Full of emotions, I'm smiling and shaking my head in the break beat part at the middle of the track. This remix by Sub6 &
Domestic was already released (but mixed)... Anyway it's a good addition to this already winning album. Up to now we had mostly "big hits", tracks that are possibly being played in most parties and Festivals. So
if you're a "discrete DJ" and like to play high quality music, but not the "overplayed stuff" the next tracks fits nicely in your case. Echotek's Time Stops (T7)is the first of them, starting with some samples from the movie "Constantine", the track explores its different elements in a sober way and the result is good. Quantum's track Awake posses a fierce bass & kick combo and a positive atmosphere that brings people to
the dance floor. It's a track different from usual full on, the power is not on the breaks, but on the development and the flow of the sounds. Fatali bring us a track that in my opinion is better than all others in his second album (T9). Diverse melody layers melt in a steady harmony in this Lucid Dreams track. I also enjoyed the samples from the movie "The Butterfly Effect" and the way the track comes back after the break, good work! Closing this release is BASIC, a new BNE's artist that I never heard about before, but now I'll keep an eye on this guy... Good samples, a very high level of something that makes me dance, the vocals
fits perfectly the track atmosphere and are not cheesy. Good to close this winning page on the BNE history.

Recomendation:  If you like full on you'll like this one. Packed with lots of "Big Hits" and also some "discrete but effective" tracks this release is surely between the best compilations of 2005. I strongly doubt there was a Festival this year where none of these tracks were played. Bottom line: Go and buy your copy! Respect!
All tracks here work well on dance floors, not one single filler, more than 75 minutes of high carefully choose music, Favorites: 1, 2(!!), 3(!), 4(!!!), 5(!!), 6(!!), 7(!), 8(!), 9(!!),
10(!). I think all tracks here are above average.

Review by : full_on

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